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    Ask Me Anything Answers - Eleventh Batch

    Ask Me Anything Answers - Eleventh Batch


    Please keep in mind that this is our eleventh batch of published answers. Our team continues to process the questions submitted by our worldwide community; additional answers will be provided for selected questions in the future.

    Question 101: Ar-Aphanuzir, Spain
    Years ago it was announced that you were thinking of creating a skill tree for geologists, explorers, generals and for the island, now that are working on the skill tree for the general. Will you make a skill tree for the island? Or has that idea been left?
    BB_Alex: Ideas change and evolve, they don't die easily. The skill tree for generals, for example, evolved from the initial idea of years ago to what we have right now. The initial idea did not include unique traits for generals and had completely different skills, because we did not have elite units or the level cap raise yet. The game evolves and we have to adjust those ideas to fit and support this evolution. Back then, there were no such things as island wide buffs, which had quite the impact on the initial idea of an island skill tree. No, the idea is not discarded or dead, it is just not fitting anymore and has to be adjusted or possibly completely reworked. There are so many interesting opportunities and directions in which such a skill tree can evolve. Will a skill tree for the island or a similar skill tree make it into game? I don't know, honestly. We are not focused on such a skill tree right now, so there is no way to tell you if we will make one in the future.

    Question 102: jcuzzuol, Brazil
    Why not naval battle?l? Offering rewards in missions?
    BB_Alex: Ships & Naval combat was always more related and fitting for Anno instead of Settlers. The decision to keep both games different in combat was made to support the unique difference between those games. The Settlers Online has land combat, while Anno Online has naval combat. So, no, we do not plan to introduce naval combat into Settlers Online.

    Question 103: lkrocek, Czech Republic
    Hello what about upgrading the troops? I loved do upgrades in another games, eg. do an upgrade for some archer units which will be able to attack twice or triple times.
    BB_Alex: Such upgrades are benefits of a skill tree for generals and possible unique traits of a general. Those and the island wide buffs allow us to cover many possible challenge or situations. All the tools are already available and we want to put our efforts into the usage of the current system to generate interesting challenges and opportunities. The skill tree for generals and buffs like those in "Lost City" are just the beginning, as we plan to expand the functionality even further in the future.

    Question 104: melodie44 , France
    What % of trade offers actually end up getting bought?
    BB_Alex: It depends on the time frame and day, of course. Around 80% of posted trade offers are accepted in the first 6 hours. This includes friend trades.

    Question 105: Pardalot , Latin America
    Do you plan to raise the rewards for level up? There is little reward for so much effort and people would be more concentrated to raise the level, thanks
    BB_Alex: No, there are no plans to raise the reward for level ups. Our goal is to provide more interesting content and gameplay instead of just a simple resource reward. Your progress should give you more cool and fun things to do and experience in the game. We see a higher benefit and motivation with this approach.

    Question 106: philus71, France
    Would it be possible to hold a fan meeting in France?
    BB_Pandur: Cher philus71, we cannot conduct fan meetings in countries where we do not have a "ground base". The organizational effort would simply be too high. But let me assure you: Je ne demande pas mieux !

    Question 107: TTNRoby, Italy
    The excelsior rumored to be at level 1, so I'd like to know if you're planning an upgrade for this building
    BB_Alex: No, there are no plans to have upgrade levels for the Excelsior. The visualization of the level for the building is a bug and will be fixed during the update next week (this update is already deployed in France).

    Question 108: Matz25, Germany
    How often are you really annoyed by us?
    BB_Pandur: We cannot describe the feelings we sometimes have towards our most precious asset - our community.
    Let's be honest: When the community is split and both sides are bashing about one topic, it's really hard for us to keep calm and sometimes even not to be annoyed. Imagine half of the players are in favor of solution X, the other half, of solution Y. Both sides demand that we implement "their" solution ASAP. They are bashing the other side as "Blue Byte fanboys" and sometimes even presume that Blue Byte employees are among these players, influencing the discussion. Yeah, that's pretty annoying – not only to us, but to every forum participant really. That's why calm and reasonable discussions are always more helpful for everyone - and our moderators won’t get tired of reminding the community of it, even if it’s about "hot topics".

    Question 109: Scared_Bunny, Germany
    Do you have an office mascot that you'd like us to meet?
    BB_Pandur: Of course we have a mascot. The TSO team office is known throughout Blue Byte and Ubisoft as "Hoffice" - why? Look here

    Question 110: NikoDrynn, UK
    BB_Saqui, do you like pie?
    BB_Saqui, UK CM: Pies? Pies! What kind of pie!? Hot pot pies? Creamy chicken pies? Steak and pepper pies? Maybe something a little less traditional, like pizza pie. Oh and for dessert: Apple pie! Rhubarb pie! Banoffee pie! Yeah - I guess you can say I like pies.

    Question 111: Vlad, Russia
    What meal do BB employees prefer: Fastfood or self made?
    BB_Kumakun, DE CM: This depends on the day, time and colleague. If you do not have enough time, of course you will favor fast food. But we also have some colleagues who can cook and bake awesome food. Sometimes we get lovely cakes, or cupcakes in our office - sweet and homemade. Even outside of our work we are influenced by the discussions we had at the office. I remember a discussion about the "very hyped" unicorn-chocolate. Later that day, I prepared unicorn-noodles at home and had to show it to everyone the next day.
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    Ask Me Anything Answers - Twelfth Batch

    Ask Me Anything Answers - Twelfth Batch


    Please keep in mind that this is our twelfth batch of published answers. Our team continues to process the questions submitted by our worldwide community; additional answers will be provided for selected questions in the future.

    Question 112: blondehexe, Germany
    Will there be an event in the future where guilds will have to compete against each other to show their teamwork?
    BB_Alex: We thought about such an idea and we liked it so much, that we even considered introducing it into the game as a core mechanic with seasons instead of an event. However, there are no detailed plans yet. It is a simple idea and requires a lot of attention before we will be able to present it. So will there be such an event in the future? Maybe, I don't know. It does sound cool though.

    Question 113: Eldrtich1, Germany
    Are there plans to change the chances for a follow-up adventure?
    BB_Alex: Our latest evaluation showed that a change of the drop chances for follow-up adventures should be combined with other changes to increase the impact on the economy and on the mood, in general. Such a possible change should also include a change to the drop chances of epic rewards, it should cover the loot boost for co-op adventures and it should tackle the high amount of high tier resources (platinum ore, mahogany wood, magic beans), which are getting into the game through adventure rewards. The reason for combining those changes relies in the positive impact on the game economy and on the community's mood. This would allow us to reduce the amount of high tier resources in adventure loot and maybe even remove some resources which can be already produced at that point in progress (horses), to improve the core gameplay loop explained in one of the previous answers. The reason for this is that we are increasing the chances for other rewards and maybe even provide alternative new rewards in exchange. Such an adjustment is also working better in combination with new sinks and, in the best case, it should be done close to an introduction of a huge sink. This requires us to develop a good plan for such approach, maybe even splitting it into stages with smaller updates. Regardless of what we decide, it will be communicated to you accordingly. We haven't developed a plan yet, and it will take time to do so.

    Question 114: Graaflin, UK
    I'm really wondering if that Excelsior is staying forever?
    BB_Alex: The Excelsior is staying as long as The Settlers Online is up and running. Forever would be awesome.

    Question 115: Ivan-Asen-II , UK
    Hi, is there any chance for me to win a manuscript recipe?
    BB_Saqui, UK CM: There's certainly a chance, and you might be closer than you think! We introduced a new guaranteed loot system a couple of months ago: this will give you rare loot, like the manuscript recipe, after so many attempts. So keep it up, and soon you will be rewarded!

    Question 116: preindi , Germany
    Is a filter or archive function for the in-game messages planned?
    BB_Alex: The are no plans to introduce a filter or archive function in the near future. However, we still want to improve the handling of mails at some point.

    Question 117: jochenf , Germany
    I'm stuck in the TSO world! How can I get back to the real world?
    BB_Ondgrund, DE CM: First you have to use "Bottled Innocence" and catch a unicorn. Then you have to wait for a rainbow, find the end of the rainbow which is not guarded by a leprechaun, and then ride over the rainbow with your unicorn. Or you could just close your browser, but that would be boring.

    Question 118: Yuuriko, UK
    I suck at romance. Can I also ask you tips on how to improve my love life?
    BB_Saqui, UK CM: I'd make yourself a trusty TSO Love Potion - it's said that 60% of the time, it works every time!

    Question 119: Jafool, US
    Is BB hiring and if so, would they be willing to pay me in gems and grout?
    TSO Production Team: Yes, BB is hiring! You can find all our vacancies here: We only pay real money though .

    Question 120: Woookie, Germany
    Do you actually read all of these questions?
    BB_Pandur: Yes, but we are not able to answer every single question. We decided to pick out questions that appeared more often.

    Question 121: Lotte_2009, Germany
    Do the MODs and BB employees belong to guilds?
    BB_Pandur: With our hidden ninja accounts we all do enjoy the game at its best. I do, but of course we won't say anything more about this. Just know the fact that we do indeed play the game in private, with friends and most of us since a very long time.

    Question 122: PanicMan, Germany
    Who decides if a player's suggestion makes it into the game and why doesn't the community get involved in those decisions?
    BB_Alex: It depends on the level of decision. High-level decisions, like what will be developed next, is done by Project Managment based on feedback and suggestions from the whole team. Decisions on a lower and more detailed level are done by the different departments or even by a single person. Game Design decides how to structure mechanics, systems and balancing, while Programming decides on the use of the database, structure of code and certain other approaches. Art decides on the art style and asset development structures, while Community Managment decides how to excite and approach the community. While the decision about the art style is done by the Art department, it is heavily influenced and enriched by feedback from other departments, since everyone is looking for feedback constantly. The community itself is always involved when providing feedback to features on the test servers or giving suggestions inside the forums. Involving the community directly demands additional effort. The decisions have to be communicated clearly and openly with all the benefits and downsides. The results and feedback have to be collected and summarized. This process will put the whole development of a feature on hold if the decision is related to a critical gameplay mechanic. An additional important reason is the number of people making a decision. Cooking a meal with too many cooks will harm the taste instead of improving it. The best scenario so far is to let one cook do it and allow others to provide feedback or suggestions. The final decision should always be done by one single person or an agreement between just a few of them.

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    Ask Me Anything Answers - Thirteenth Batch


    Ask Me Anything Answers - Thirteenth Batch


    Please keep in mind that this is our thirteenth batch of published answers. Our team continues to process the questions submitted by our worldwide community; additional answers will be provided for selected questions in the future.

    Question 123: Alienearth92, Germany
    Are there features in game that you implemented with a scope, but players are "misusing" them? If yes, what is the biggest thing that players changed (example: Blocks / leech for fish etc.)?
    BB_Alex: You can say that (b)locking was one of them in the past. We learned to work with (b)locking as a strategy. It made us more thoughtful when creating new content or even mechanics, such as the skill tree for generals. (B)locking is not that much of an issue right now. It's still not supported by us, since we can't ensure its functionality, and is not a core mechanic of the game. There is one benefit of keeping (b)locking as a strategy: it enhances the game by adding more complexity to it, and for many of you fun does emerge out of this complexity. In this case, (b)locking manages to enrich the gameplay from the mechanical point of view.
    However, things are not the same when it comes to leeching. Leeching doesn't contribute to the complexity of the game and does not enrich the combat gameplay itself. We do accept that it is happening in the game, but we won't support it.
    There is a third issue, and this is the biggest one, for me, personally. The ability to move resources from your storage to the star menu. It's basically limitless storage and works directly against the core gameplay pillar and challenge of an economy building game. The challenge of such a game lies in handling limitations, such as building space or storage. This almost nullifies some of the challenges. In my opinion, even huge sinks won't be as challenging as they should be, because this limitless storage will always work against any sink, regardless of how big it is.

    Question 124: annotom60, UK
    Hi, why do we have a cost for moving buildings? If it was free, rearranging island would be much better.
    BB_Alex: Managing your resources and limitations is the most crucial pillar in an economy building game. It's basically the reason for such a game. We wanted to apply this resource managment factor to moving buildings too. It increases the challenge to move as many buildings as possible in as few steps only. You have to think ahead and plan accordingly to succeed in this task. And it's a resource sink.

    Question 125: B-Drewery, UK
    The ghost camp on expeditions is very useful to plan your attack. Are there plans for this to be added to all adventures, so we can test and find new routes?
    BB_Alex: This is still on the list of things we would like to see in the game at some point. We do not have any plans right now, but it might come up in the future. We will keep an eye on it.

    Question 126: Chaquelin, Germany
    Is it possible to change one day the avatar name or the avatar picture?
    BB_Alex: This is something I would love to see in the game at some point. The priority for such an update is very low, since it's more of a "nice to have". Maybe someday.

    Question 127: flaskodavid, UK
    Will there be in the future an improved recycling manufactory?
    BB_Alex: We do not have plans to introduce an improved recycling manufactory at the moment. Those plans might appear in the future.

    Question 128: Maulwolf, Germany
    Are there ideas to counter the devaluation of map fragments? In the past they were useful, but now they are useless.
    BB_Alex: Yes, we have some ideas to increase the sink for map parts. Those include the introduction of new adventures available for map parts, but also a general re-balancing of the pricing. Right now, those are just ideas, and require additional work to define all the details.

    Question 129: shitti, Germany
    Which feature from the original Settler games would you personally add to the game if you could?
    BB_Ondgrund, DE CM: I would add some form of "divine intervention" mechanic into the game. It would allow you to sacrifice resources in a new (and expensive) religious building and gain manna for it. With the manna you can call for help from the gods. This would come in the form of temporary buffs for your home island or an adventure. It would be a nice resource sink and could be expanded over time with new buffs.

    Question 130: kulfon76, Poland
    What is Penelopa's shoe size?
    BB_Penelopa, PL CM: 39 And yours?

    Question 131: tutnichtgut19, Germany
    If you could make one TSO character come to life which one would you choose and why?
    TSO Project Manager: I'd make the Intrepid Explorer come to life because I'm a project manager and love how fast and efficient she is. Always getting things done.

    Question 132: Bommel1234, Germany
    Will roads ever be more than just decorations?
    BB_Alex: We definitely thought about creating a mechanic for roads and make them relevant for the economy. After a short evaluation of the effort, we realised it's not a small task. A lot of the code related to roads has to be rewritten to make this happen. Because of this reason we decided against the implementation of such a mechanic.

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