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Thread: Valinor [VALE]

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    Damn these guys are kind and willing to help!

    I especially like the chatty but not to chatty guild chat atmosphere

    PS: norfik is indeed the best.

    PPS: And everybody is so generous. Did I mention generous? [Removed]. You feel motivated to contribute yourself.

    Please do not swear on the forums
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    ?? i am in the guild what more you need ??

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    Valinor has gone in to the next era.....
    We merged with HFC and are stronger than ever !
    We have spaces for new players right now. You will receive advice, resources and input from players with years of experience in the game - Many have been here since the game was first launched.

    Doubtless you will get an invite from guild/s claiming to be there for new players but do you want to be in with a mass of new players or have years of experience around you to help and encourage you?

    Contact myriamsje, lordloocan, dreaduk, dawntay or Hunybun
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    ...........WELCOME TO THE NEW IMPROVED VALE GUILD.............

    Two already well respected guilds recently merged to form a larger, stronger guild. If other guilds would like to join us then do get in contact

    We have players ranging from level 75 down to totally new players with players at all stages in between.

    Many here have played since the game first started and have a wealth of knowledge about the game - be it balancing an economy, learning the essentials of following guides, writing your own guides, making you own blocks, trading for a profit etc. Added to which we love people who like to chat, joke and to have the mickey taken.

    We love to give resources to help new players along, hold regular guild competitions and a monthly guild raffle.

    By joining a guild with players of many levels you can be helped as appropriate to you rather than being in a guild of mainly newer players.

    Interested in gaining guild coins, being helped to progress in the game, adding to the fun of the game....then this is the home for you.

    Give us a go; you have nothing to lose and loads to gain

    Contact lordloocan, dreaduk, dawntay or Hunybun
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