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Thread: Building numbers for a good balance in early stages.

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    Building numbers for a good balance in early stages.

    The following is a simple guide I have used for getting a balanced setup for the new Settler
    This guide is primarily for levels 1 to +- 21.

    It will be to your advantage to have a look at this link for Production Ratios A big help!:-


    3 Sawmills (of each type)
    6 Cutters (of each type)
    9 foresters (of each type)
    12 Farms
    12 Fields
    4 Copper Smelters
    2 Toolmakers
    4 Iron Smelters
    4 Steel Smelters
    1 Gold Smelters
    1 Coinage
    4 Bronze Weaponsmith
    1 Iron Weaponsmith
    1 Steel Weaponsmith
    1 Bowmaker
    1 Longbowmaker
    4 Coking Plants ( get Recycling Manufactory/s when you can)
    3 Bakery
    6 Mills
    2 Stables
    6 Breweries

    The following buildings will vary as you level. The fish, meat and sausages are used primarily for making buffs.
    Do not build more than you need!

    There is a special case for cutters and foresters. Place the cutters adjacent to the storehouse. Place the foresters on the outside of the cutter. See the placement image below.

    NOTE: It is not necessary to build these numbers from the beginning. Take your time, and add to the numbers as you go. Remember, it is good to upgrade the buildings when you can.


    Have 1 mason per deposit (both stone and marble) below level 21.
    Later you can reduce the number of masons, have one serve 2 or more deposits.
    Marble masons are useful throughout the game.

    (You can convert stones to marble in the Provision House)


    3 Copper mines, at level 2, and buffed
    6 Iron mines, at level 2, and buffed
    (See "Buffing" below)
    As you level, the number of iron mines needed will fluctuate.


    Coal is important at lower levels. Building coal mines is a waste of a building spot, and resources. Rather keep pinewood cutters buffed, and coking plants buffed. This will give you a steady supply of coal.


    One of each should suffice.

    I left out wells, as I feel far too many are needed. My suggestion is to add wells as needed.
    The following are expensive to build. Most of us can only afford to build one of each.
    Titanium Smelter (at level 35), Crossbowsmith (at level 36), Damascene Weaponsmith (at level 41), Cannon Forge (at level 48), Exotic Sawmill (at level 31), Wheelmaker (at level 42), Carpenter (at level 43), Powderhut (at level 47),


    Buffing a mine increases the output! It does not make the mine deplete faster. Upgrading the mine will make the make deplete faster.
    Buffing a production building will increase the production by x2, or x3, depending on the strength of the buff.


    This is important! 1 level 3 building produces the same amount as 3 level 1 buildings. On top of that buffing one level 3 is more efficient.
    Upgrade as much as you can. Start from the bottom, ie. Basic, then work up the tree.
    Most folk upgrade up to level 3 at the early stages. Beyond level 3, the upgrade becomes expensive, using resources you will struggle to obtain. The more you upgrade, the higher is the production.

    Building Placement

    Try not to have a travel time of 40s or greater!

    Recommended guides:
    I recommend PinkTutuPrincess' Guide for beginners.
    Rewards for experience points.
    Settlers Wiki - lots of info
    Island clearing is:
    Types of Adventures:
    List of some Chat Abbreviations:


    [The information here was kindly sent by OleDragon of T-G-O Northisle]
    Some of the comments below relate to guilds.
    Lots of info below that you won't necessarily need immediately - but take a copy and look at it again later, it may help you with a few things.

    1. Don't build extra buildings as you will run out of building licenses. Upgrading a building is generally better that building lots of low level buildings. There are also special buildings which don’t use licenses - These can be distinguished by the yellow star in the top left of the building production window. These can be obtained in events, purchased in Market and Guild Market, In Trade Office or gifted. NB not all items can be traded.

    2. Any storehouse is Ok - what goes into one storehouse can be used from any other without delay. Building most of the buildings near a storehouse will reduce the time a building takes to produce items. NB: When your storehouse if full your buildings will stop producing that item.

    3. Gold Production: This means Gold Mines, Gold Smelters, Coinages. These are expensive on resources and these items along with a few others would only ever be running when the buildings are buffed. I have seen a calculation that said the resources to build a gold mine was worth about 200 Gold coins , but running it unbuffed only produced about 32 gold coins. Therefore run them buffed and upgrade them as you can but unless you can refill the mine but do not upgrade it past level 3 unless required for quest. Alternative is don’t build them at all and just sell any of your Gold Mine Refills in TO say 1000 Refill for the cost of 2000 coin (but check first what current prices are)

    4. Collect all the collectibles that turn up a max of 3 times a day. If you look in the Mayors house there is a collectibles tab - and in there you can create buffs etc. Those use the collectibles as ingredients. There is one called a Skunk about half way down the list - I always aim to make him and store in my star as I can - as he speeds up troop production in the barracks and you will need that lots later. I then use up the other items creating some of the other buffs.

    5. Gems - Required most items available in the market. Where possible save your gems and use them to buy things which will actually be useful to you and not for items you can get another way like in the Trade Office later.
    There are several ways of getting gems.
    a. Every 7 days in the game you will get "gifted" 100 gems.
    b. The letters Quests out of the Excelsior give 50 gems at the end of the quests. These can be a good way of earning gems.
    c. Happy hours - every now and then BB will issue a happy hour where you can spend real life money and purchase packs - and basically buy 1 and get 1 free type things. The gems are then sent to you in-game for use - can take a wee while from purchase to appearing in-game. I don’t like spending my real money for gems if I can help it.
    d. Gem pits - they are purchased in market for 20K gems but will produce 40K gems over about 6 months - any player is only allowed to have a max of 10 gem pits all up.
    e. Gem Package of 100 gems can be purchased in market for Star Coins, once a week. It will be awhile for you to start earning Star coins in the game.

    6. : Special Trades In guild you will find that there are a couple of requests for trades. These are for 2 reasons - to make some space in the storehouse and to complete a quest that which is to gather/sell/buy an item.
    a. Star Bounce. Player A's storehouse is full of Pine Logs, they ask for help to Star bounce up to xxx K of Pine logs. Player B sends say 100K of pine logs to Player A. As there is no room in storehouse the excess goes into Player A's Star. Player A then trades back 100K pine logs to Player B, this comes out of Player A's Storehouse leaving room to continue producing Pine Logs. And Player B still has all the Pine Logs he started with.
    b. Bounce Trade. This helps with gather/sell/buy type quests. Ask someone to help with trade bounce. Basically you trade them an item then send a second trade that is the reverse of the first trade - that way both parties keep all their own resources - but the action triggers the quest to list as being completed. Ie Sell 100 pine logs for the cost of 1 fish, then sell 1 fish for the cost of 100 Pine logs. So 2 trades in this instance.

    7. Generals - there are a lot of generals that can be bought - mostly for gems. When you start clearing island and doing adventures it is very easy to buy a general which is not that helpful. Ask the higher level players in guild chat about what may be best general for the stage you are up to. Generally the most helpful for you will be one of the generals that cost around 7K. Please ask we are happy to help with advise.

    8. Once you have completed the clearing of your main island - we have found that a Stealing from the Rich (STFR) adventure is a good starting point. You need to make 200 Cavalry, 190 Soldiers, 35 Longbowmen. If you play the adventure right, you don't lose these. All the rest are Recruits which you will need to keep making. The adventure can be bought for Map Fragments in Market or a guild member may have some available. This is a 2 person adventure - and the 2nd spot loot spot) can be sold for gold coin (about 500) in Trade. Talk to us when it is time and we can help you through this adventure and the processes.

    9. Loot Spots (LS): These are on adventures which can have 2 or 3 players (not the co-operation adventures). Basically Player 1 clears most of the adventure and gets the majority of the XP. They invite/Sell the other spot - a person who accepts/buys a loot spot needs to make a kill of at least 1 enemy troop. This is a good way of earning coin or in a loot spot to earn you resources.
    a. In the guild we offer LS spots either free or at reduced prices. Once you can makerecruits and cavalry and have your first general - then you will be able accept loot spots. Try them first in guild before you purchase any loot spots in Trade Office (they are what all the people buying a fish (in this case it represents the spot - for lots of gold coin)
    b. If you only have generals purchased out of the tavern - ensure the person who offers the spot knows you have a Tavern General (aka a slow general as they take 30 mins to leave your island and arrive at an adventure) that is in case they have a limitation on the time they have available to complete the adventure.
    c. For a start I would suggest if you take a loot spot then load your General with 5 recruits and 5 cavalry - this will ensure you can kill at least 1 enemy when you get there.
    d. When you get to the adventure ask which camp they want you to attack. Advise when you have made a kill so the person managing the adventure knows when they can complete.

    10. Events: These happen throughout the year and gives the opportunity to get special buildings, good generals , explorers and other good things. Some events can seem intense - where you get the item needed to purchase things you may need to do lots of adventures or have loot spots. The ones who have played for a while can be asked what has happened in the past. These quest items are often traded a lot in the trade office. These events run for about 3 weeks or so. Following is a sample of some of the events
    a. Christmas - you gather presents - this is not intense but if possible you logon at least once a day to open a door in the calendar, and to do specific quests and send explorers on searches for presents, a few specific Christmas adventures.
    b. Easter - gather eggs - perform special quests, get eggs from adventures and loot spots, explorer treasure searches etc.c. Halloween - gather pumpkins - similar to the Easter event but also produce pumpkins in cemeteries that need a bit of management.
    d. Soccer World Cup - Collect Soccer balls. I have not done one of these so not sure all the requirements.
    e. Some other ad-hoc event type situations may pop up but you will be warned with a window popup in the game.

    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ __________________________

    Comments and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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    Nice list... Recommended buffs to use (or not) might enhance this a little.

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    Sometimes a bit of direction like this can help those who are struggling - cheers for taking the time to post it!

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    14 Cutters (of each type)
    1 foresters (of each type)

    Was fighting windmills from Aug 2012 to Oct 2019.

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    I don't see any coal producing buildings in your list.
    When it comes to Gene pools and shallow ends they can be found at the bar drinking pina colada's

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    nice drey

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dorotheus View Post
    I don't see any coal producing buildings in your list.
    4 coking plants are in there...

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    If you have a few non-tavern gens you can almost completely stop losing militia and soldiers. So no more need for iron mines. Your smelters can go to sleep and the weapon smiths too. Just run them with a buff once in a while.

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    I changed the number of stables, I had 6 at first. I did add coking plants, as I missed them
    I know there is a bug concerning the number of foresters needed, but I stuck to the BB ratio.
    Concerning what buffs to use, there are too many different types. At early levels, its fish platters, solid sandwiches and later gift baskets. I recommend using fish platters for those balancing quests.
    I think iron mines are important for the sub 40 levels, less so for the 40 to 50 levels.

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    Funnily enough some of the things I was going to point out are already changed. Got it pretty much spot on.

    I do wonder where steel swords are.
    Personally I only have 1 iron swordsmith and only 1 steel swordsmith. If kill so those can't keep up you are playing it wrong!
    I would also suggest more bronze swords. Think flipping iron and bronze requirements would be more useful considering how the more efficient guides are set up to kil mostly recruits.

    I would suggest at least 1 bowmaker and 1 longbowmaker to stock up since as you start doing VLTs and you'll want to last leg from 48-50 ay least you burn a lot of bowmen.

    A note on coal, coal useage explodes post 50 so it'll be worth planning for an expansive coal sector. Which means planning for forresters and cutters since coal mines are a bit of hassle.

    Can never have enough iron mines, good trade opportunities if you don't use as much yourself.

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