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Thread: [Change Log] 26.06.2017

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    [Change Log] 26.06.2017

    26th of June 2017


    • Guaranteed Manuscript, Tome and Codex recipe:
      The Manuscript, Tome and Codex recipe will be guaranteed after a certain amount of tries. Past tries will be taken into account towards the guarantee.

    • The Star Menu will now refresh when a specialist's task has begun.
    • The "Hunter Diversion" quest will now work as intended.
    • The construction and deconstruction time for Master of Defense's garrison is now halved.
    • The name changes for "Flanking" and "Demolition" abilities are now also applied to units' and generals' tooltips.
    • The Master Planner Skill will now be displayed for all affected units.
    • Negatively affected abilities are displayed correctly now in unit tooltips in battle report playback.
    • Horseback adventure will distribute all reward slots again.
    • Some texts in the UI of the generals were shortened in order to avoid overlapping.
    • The number of star coins granted by the Bounty Hunter skill will now correspond to the XP the generals invested with this skill have made.
    • The effect of the Juggernaut skill will now always be properly displayed in the battle reports.
    • Battle draws should now have an enemy camp destruction bar showing up towards the end of the battle.
    • Battle reports will now reflect Flanking skill as intended.
    • Demolition phase rounds will not count towards Battle Frenzy skill anymore.
    • The requirement of the Logistics quest has been updated in order to avoid confusion.

    You are invited to provide feedback here.
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    Update 23.06.2017

    The following changes and improvements were added to this game version:

    • "What is Premium?" quest's description has been adjusted to avoid confusion.
    • The warning pop-up message received upon trading with one item has been adjusted to avoid confusion.
    • The "Miscalculations" quest will now refer correctly to titanium instead of titanium ore.
    • It will be no longer possible to apply non-elite unit buffs on garrisons containing elite units.

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