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Thread: Tikki Island sims with Vargus only

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    Tikki Island sims with Vargus only

    C1 65r 1 el 144kan -vargus
    c2 103r 77kan
    c3 95 r 85kan
    L1 30r 1el 149kan

    c4 60r 120xbm
    L2 80r 100kan

    This is a guide I use just for flying through Tikki island based on no skills if it helps one person job done lol any better sims plz post or I got the same for VLT adv no blocks and new sims with nusala/Vargus if anyone actually interested. making a new one for CLT as well but always looking for adv guides no blocks no mma

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    s1 c1 120r 1el 149k
    c2 nu- 95r 1el 69k - rework
    c3 189r 1el 80kan
    c4 151 bmen w2 119r 1el 150k - rework
    c5 145r 10mil 1el 114kan
    L1 nu 165bmen w2 95r 4mil 1el 170kan

    s2 c6 100r w2 135r 135kan
    c7 143r el 126kan
    c8 105r w2 155r 1el 114kan
    c9 200r w2 119r 1el 150k
    L2 nu 165 w2 75r 1el 194kan

    c10 1nu 142r 128kan
    c11 150r 120kan
    c12 100r w2 140r 1el 44cav 85kan
    c13 270r
    c14 nu 165bmen
    L3 nu 80bemn 85lbm w2 125r 1el 144kan

    c14 135r 1el 134kan
    c15 200bm w2 184r 1el 85cav
    c16 100bmen w2 87r 1el 182Xbm
    c17 170bm w2 270cav
    c18 100r w 145r 125kan
    c19 214r 1el 55kan
    c20 250bmen w2 210r 60kan
    L4 looter att -- 200bmen or 270bem - Rework
    or nusala 165bmen main wave 105mil 75sol 90kan

    This is a quick guide I use to smash through Vlt.. Its not the best but I can finish a vlt pretty quick using this as a rough guide. I don't add skills to sims. NB rework means after an attack taken place check you troops if using nus/vargus as suicides as high/low AD different is 10-15 r difference on att. Hope This helps somehow again any improvements feel free to post PEACE

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