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Thread: [Change Log] 18.07.2017

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    [Change Log] 18.07.2017


    18th of July 2017


    • On July 24th, at 10:00 CEST, we will surprise you with an awesome, never-seen-before, very colourful and exciting event. More details will be published with the event start.
    • New options are available to hide the capacity indicators (full storage, missing resources, sleeping state).

    • The quest chain "Mission 'Free home zone'" has been adjusted in order to avoid confusion.
    • Several improvements to the PvP UI have been made.
    • Battles should no longer end in an endless animation.
    • The expedition medipack will be displayed as intended upon reaching level 30.
    • The "Trouble-seeker" skill will now be listed in the tooltip when sending explorers invested with this skill in adventure searches.
    • The buildings in "The Lost Skull" adventure have been exchanged with different ones and the triggers and texts have been adjusted.
    • Landing fields in the enemy sector of "The Invasion of the Nords" adventure have been removed.
    • A corresponding icon and text were added to the avatar message received after applying "Tropical Cage" Buff on the Mayor's House
    • The "Gift friend" option on a friend's zone is now localized.
    • The avatar message received upon using a zone buff has been customized according to the zone you're in (home zone, friend zone, adventure zone).
    • Trade entries won't be listed twice in the trading history any longer.
    • The 2nd and 3rd sectors of "Ali Baba and the Treasure of Knowledge" have been adjusted to fix interception issues.
    • Introducing an 8th sector for the higher plateau in "Aladdin and the Beautiful Princess" adventure in order to avoid generals being intercepted by camps on a higher plateau.
    • The "Wild Determination" skill will not show up more than once in the loot mail any longer.
    • Attempting to apply a zone buff on a zone already buffed with the same type of zone buff will result in a warning notification.
    • A zone buff cannot be used twice anymore when switching zones quickly.
    • The "Oooh! Shiny!" achievement will count all gold deposit found in a search towards the trigger.
    • A duplicate camp has been removed in "El Chupacabra", opening an alternative entryway to the eastern branch of the jungle. Minor changes to the decorative elements in that area have been made as well.
    • Applying a "Fairy dust" zone buff on an adventure zone should no longer block the last collectible.
    • Buff mails will now display an accurate message when a friend applies them on your Provision house and Rarity Provision House.
    • The undefined text in "Ali Baba and the Second Thief" should not appear anymore.
    • The landing area in "The Clever Little Tailor" had been adjusted to prevent the generals canceling their building process.
    • New icons for the "Magic Stone" have been implemented in "The Lost City" venture.
    • Training expeditions will now return in a mail when being canceled.
    • The hit points in the battle reports playbacks will now be accurate at all times.
    • The sub-quests of "Your First Colony" will start at the same time now in order to avoid playing two different expeditions.
    • Party Crashers buffs can now be redeemed by applying them on the Mayor's house.
    • In order to avoid adventures finishing too early, a safety confirmation question will now be displayed on all of them.
    • A watch area in "The Valiant Little Tailor" adventure has been adjusted.
    • Premium time will now be displayed in the Zone Buff UI on adventure/expedition zones as well.
    • It is not longer possible to place a general next to the boss without fighting other bandit camps in mini adventures.
    • The text and picture referring to the daily login bonus have been adjusted in the archive to match the latest functionality.
    • The description of "Leader of the Pack" achievement has been adjusted to avoid confusion.
    • Buffs from old events can now be redeemed on the Mayor's House at once by using a slider.
    • Avatar messages will now display a proper icon upon applying buffs on the Mayor's House.
    • The tooltip of the option to enable / disable the name of the generals / marshals has been adjusted.
    • Players completing all achievements should not experience any kind of issues anymore.
    • An issue with Chrome browser causing disconnections and freezes has been solved.
    • A quest counter has been adjusted in "El Chupacabra" venture.

    You are invited to provide feedback here.
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    Update 14.07.2017

    The following changes and improvements were added to this game version:

    • When initiating a direct trade, the text at the top of the trade window is now referring to the correct button.
    • The pop-up warning message received upon cancelling a training expedition is now up to date.

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