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    Guild Market Vote

    Dear Settlers,

    Inquiring minds have reached out to us for more information regarding the next Guild Market survey. As you know, the Guild Market Survey is an opportunity for players worldwide to vote for the new selection of items that will be offered in the upcoming version of the Guild merchant. The Settlers Online is pleased to announce that we are actively developing a voting feature that will be implemented in the guild UI. Once completed, the new interface will look a lot like the mock-up picture below.

    All Guild coin amounts, items and texts are placeholders and, therefore, subject to change.

    We plan on implementing the new Guild Market Vote tool on the test server at some point during the next two months; if everything goes according to plan, we might see it live as soon as November! Until then, there will be no update of the Guild Market.

    BB_Pandur, Community Coordinator
    The former survey software we used to conduct the Guild market votes was hard to maintain. For every new worldwide survey, we had to translate all texts and item descriptions, create new item shop items and other graphics. The implementation on the website was not working well for every player and some couldn't even vote. That's why we decided to not conduct another vote via our website or the browser based survey tool.

    We asked our Development and Game Design departments if they could actually implement a survey functionality in the game. Not only are all graphics, icons, names, descriptions and limits already in the game - they are also available in all required languages. The in-game Guild market vote will be held individually and automatically in every "The Settlers Online" language/instance - of course in the native language.

    We hope we can count on your continued cooperation and support while we work on this upcoming feature!

    You're invited to leave your feedback about this upcoming change in this thread here.
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