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Thread: Event theme "Disable" button

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    Event theme "Disable" button

    With the rather fast sad end to the "Black Knights" event (which I got to experience a whole 10 minutes of before it was pulled due to too many complaining) I thought of an idea:-

    An Event theme enable \ disable toggle button!

    Enabled - Event themes are active on your islands.
    Disabled - Event theme are turned off on your islands.

    When event themes are turned off even the island wide event buffs can't be applied. Players can still take part in the event as normal. E.g. during the Christmas event the island wouldn't be covered in snow, but the Christmas collectibles etc... still appear as normal.

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    +1 !!
    and a button to close that silly pvp quest.

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    Usually there is an opt in/opt out possibility.

    On normal events ( e.g. Christmass, Halloween and Easter) you get a quest at first wich asks you to get to a certain level, when you dont click the green tick in that quest, and simply ignore it then you wont get a christmass tree on your lake Island, no enemy camps either (xmass and Halloween), neither will you get the questlines wich are connected to the event, as destroy the enemy camp on lake Island for haloween (as you dont have those camps).
    But you can find collectibles wich are event related, explorers will find eggs and presents, adventures will give eggs, presents and pumpkins in loot and you can buy from the eventshop, like the cemetaries. Its an option I Always use as i dont want a stupid tree on lakeisland, neither do i want those enemycamps. Still I allways get enough event items from adventures and/ or explorers, so I dont need those extra ones i can get for the event questlines.

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    Wouldnt it kinda ruin the point in having an event, if some aspects of it was left out?
    Ok this BK event was a disaster. But other events i wouldnt want them handicapped by removing some of what adds to the "atmosphere". What would be the fun of that?

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    When we have had xmas event we have had oprions not involving using gems to get rid of snow on island. It would have been quite simple just to give us a buff to remove the lack of colour with a buff that did not cost gems.
    Then everybody would have been happy.
    If for some reason support feels the need to edit what I wrote, please delete entire post instead, dont put words into my mouth that I never said.

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