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Thread: Pathfinder - PvP - Colonial Granite quest

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    Pathfinder - PvP - Colonial Granite quest

    As a newly lvl 70 i was looking forward to have a reason to do some PvP for the pathfinder quest´s

    However having now tried to do the Colonial Granite quest during the last week and searching for those Granite colonies for more than 500 times and only found two i have now given up and are wandering if i should keep PvP toogled on.

    The reason for this is.. When one are in an active guild with lots of members and have a big friend list, then it will get harder to find those as they will be a much hunted colonie type the more that gets to lvl 70. And as it works now that you cant find colonies that friends and guildies own, there is a very high risk of those colonies not being availebel for one just for that reason and there for making the quest impossibel to get done if you are not very, very lucky. Sure i know its shall be hard to do but not impossibel. And of course the more that get to lvl 70 and do the quest the higher chance is that people isn´t on ones friend list.. But then again not, when people have played the game for a long time the friend list just gets bigger and bigger and we just dont delete people from friend list again, so by that making the chance lower instead of higher.

    So maybe instead of having it to be 3k granite yield change the quest to be a total yield from colonies of any kind of rescource. Yet still a high enough amount to make it harder to do.

    Or how do people look at it.
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    firstly.. how do u find time to get to lvl70 and come on forum? i doubt u will see many replies for a while as ur more or less up there on ur own atm lol.

    i struggled to understand all of what ur trying to say, but i do agree, choices on pvp isn't good. i like to get iron colonies but very often out of a page full of options i get wood and coal and no other choices at all. also owned colonies are very rare, making it difficult to obtain valour points. i like to think this is due to lack of players and not a poor system developed by bb.

    I would really like to see a broader choice when the colonies pop up after a search
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