The Illuminaten [ILM] guild is currently recruiting.

We are looking for active players levels 18+

Some of the benefits of Illuminaten:

Players in multiple time zones so a guild member is online almost all the time
Many high level experienced players with a huge amount of useful information
We're casual - we want active players that will pay attention to guild quests, but there is no pressure to be on every day and do every quest - as long as you are making a good effort there are no demands
A custom of helping (with resources, goods, etc.) those who help themselves

If you are a player that is in a big hurry for everything and expects constant handouts to help them along, then Illuminaten is not for you. But if you have a love of the game, want to know all the inside information, want mature players who behave accordingly and want to move up as fast as reasonably possible but also prefer at times to relax and enjoy - then we'd like to hear from you.

We are a small guild and would love some new members.

Contact Dacanko or Xibor and let's talk

Best wishes to all and Happy Settling