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Thread: [Change Log] 15.08.2017

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    [Change Log] 15.08.2017


    15th of August 2017

    • Excelsior's shield icon has been removed.
    • Generals can no longer be sent to an expedition.
    • Resources from colonies can always be claimed now.
    • Currently active expeditions will not show a false status anymore in the Colony Overview.
    • The description of five scenario achievements has been adjusted in order to avoid confusion.
    • The description of the "Trouble-seeker" skill has been adjusted to reflect that it also affects map fragments.
    • The "Send to adventure" button on the general UI will display all options now when running two active adventures.
    • The checkmark button to finish the main quest in an adventure should not appear anymore in the adventure tab of the quest book.
    • The level 69 side-quest "Miscalculation" has been renamed to "Titan Inc."
    • Hotkeys will now respect the input field priority, no longer be causing the viewfinder to jump to certain locations, such as the Mayor's House or the adventure zone.
    • A new entry called "Bandit Camp Demolition" has been made available in the archive and the text for "Detailed combat breakdown" has been adjusted accordingly.
    • The tooltip of items produced for "The Pied Piper of Hamelin" had been adjusted to make it clear that they get removed when the adventure ends.

    You are invited to provide feedback here.
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