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Thread: [Sneak Peek] Halloween Event 2017

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    [Sneak Peek] Halloween Event 2017

    Dear Settlers,

    With a little over a month until the end of Summer, it's time to start planning for one of the most anticipated events on The Settlers Online. You guessed it: Halloween is right around the corner! If you'd like to have a Sneak Peek of the upcoming Halloween event, hurry on over to our test server. The newest game version on the test server will give you a glimpse of the the 2017 Halloween Event edition, including this incredible new building:

    Improved Bakery: Produces bread at three times the speed of a normal Bakery

    And for those of you who've expressed interest in a way to make generals move faster with a buff, we proudly introduce this brand new recipe:

    Platinum Horseshoes
    Description: Unlocks a new production in the Rarity provision house.
    Effect of the buff: Increases movement speed of generals in the zone by 20%.

    In addition to these two new items, several minor changes have been implemented in comparison to last year.
    Among others, 10 adventures will be pushed as "seasonal adventures" for this year's event. They will drop three times as many resources and refills as usual. A complete list of these adventures, as well as all other changes, will be provided with the event Dev Diary in October.

    Halloween, the scariest time of the year

    Have fun testing!

    You are invited to provide feedback here.
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