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Thread: Fast & Dirty Outlaws With Skilled COA (sub 30mins)

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    did you get pumpkins x3 ??

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    In a combination of Evil's guide/skills, TSO and Wiki i created a guide which (with plat horseshoe) can be done in 32 - 33 min.

    Total losses: 136R


    Use this guide only if your using the skills on the generals as given by Evil's.
    If you have different setup i can't garantee it will work

    I sent in the following:
    1x Veteran: 249 Xbow 1 ES
    1x MMA (fully skilled masterplanner): 2R 232Cav 1ES
    2x MMA (fully skilled masterplanner): 235Cav
    Vargus: 40R 114Cav 1ES 40 CAN
    MG fast (at least for time): 258R 435Cav 213ES 49CAN

    Furthermore you sent
    1x MMA + 1R (fully skilled 1-up)
    2x MMA + 1R (no need to be skilled)
    1x Nus (fully skilled 1-up)
    6X Normal

    If i follow the campnumbers given on Wiki (
    the attack sequence will be as follows:

    move MMA + 235 Cav(fully skilled masterplanner) to attack camp 25 (intercepted and kill camp 24 as well)
    move MMa + 1R there as well
    If camp 24-25 are down: sent MMA 1R to leadercamp 20 followed by MMA + 235 Cav(fully skilled masterplanner)
    This section losses 1R

    Move 1x MMA (fully skilled masterplanner): 2R 232Cav 1ES to center to attack camp 6
    Postion 1 MMA +1R/2x MMA (fully skilled masterplanner) + 235 Cav in front of camp 7
    After camp 6 is down, sent 1x MMA (fully skilled masterplanner) + 235 Cav to camp 5 (camp 7 will be intercepted and killed)
    After the attack on 5 started sent 1x MMA +1R and 1x MMA (fully skilled masterplanner) + 235 Cav to camp 4
    This section losses 1R

    Meanwhile position Vargus as close to camp 14 -13 -12
    Camp 14: 40R 114Cav 1 ES 40Can (30R)
    Camp 13: 20R 174Cav 1 ES (12R)
    Camp 12: 32R 123Cav 1 ES 39Can (22R)

    Meanwhile postition 1x MMA + 1R (fully skilled 1-up) / NUS and 1x MMA (fully skilled masterplanner) + 235 Cav in the postion to clear camps 18 - 19
    Camp 18: 1x MMA + 1R (fully skilled 1-up) / Nus 21R 158 Cav 1ES (10R)
    Camp 19: 1x MMA + 1R (fully skilled 1-up) / 1x MMA (fully skilled masterplanner) + 235 Cav

    Now we need to clear 3 remaining sections with blocks i used from TSO.
    First camps 1-2-3
    Position the camps according to page 7/12 on TSO and use the troops as given
    Place left of Vargus Nusula + 1R and sent her before Vargus (21R 123 Cav 1E 50CAN)
    Sent all troops after one other (follow the drums)

    Camps 8-9-10-11
    Position the generals as given on page 5/12 on TSO, but where the major is use the Veteran.
    Normal gen to camp 11 177 Cav 23 ES
    Normal gen to camp 10 196 Cav 4 ES
    Normal gen to camp 8 133 EX
    Veteran to camp 9 249XB 1EX
    Sent all troops after one other (follow the drums)

    Camp 15-16-17
    Position the generals as given on page 12/12 on TSO. U can place any MMA + 1r to save some recruits
    Normal gen to camp 16 130Cav 27 ES
    Normal gen to camp 17 130Cav 27 ES
    Nusula 1r to camp 15
    Vargus 105R 1ES 89CAN to camp 15
    MMA + 1R should be between Nus and Vargus

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    Dos not take me much longer - around 30 mins to do outlaw with blocks using skilled CoA and a few extra mma to save some troops - end result is lossing 200- 300 rec . So feels this is a bit silly to kill of soldiers this way. Ihe middle sector with blocks cost 50-70 rec - so again high price to pay for using arrows here.
    I am using evil-j`s old guide for the blocks the lock troops are the same - but just found new troops for CoA- mainly Vargus- top middle camp can be killed by ans with 164 Xbow- 0 loss.
    If for some reason support feels the need to edit what I wrote, please delete entire post instead, dont put words into my mouth that I never said.

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    thank you Chaos51

    I thought I would try to explain why I find these guides helpful.

    Any guide represents a compromise between:
    a) losses
    b) speed
    c) simplicity
    d) xp

    My priorities for those different objectives vary. Even during an event like this at some times I will be playing fast and furious and at others I will be totally involved in something else and just want to click into the game window, refill a general and send him and then return to my main pre-occupation. Because of that, and because my generals never have the same skills as the guide writer's I personalise my own guide based on bits taken from other places.
    I have found relatively few guides that focus on the simplicity principle so that is where this one scores really highly. And it gives me a starting point for my own personalisations. So you can by experiment (depends on your skills) tweak the way you play this. An extra general sent to attack a particular camp may avoid the CoA needing to attack and so save a little time. Using blocks can save more. Putting a few other troops in the setups may reduce losses. But sending only soldiers is as it says in the title "fast and dirty" and whether I use it for the entire adventure or just for part of it is my choice. I found it really helpful so
    "thank you Chaos51"
    Personally I send 3 MoD and 2 Tavern so that I can block the centre and left sectors respectively. I use blocks from the wiki for taverns and Lulu's set ups for MoDs. If I was sufficiently bothered I could save a bit of time by using MMAs and majors to help kill the first three camps in the centre section. I do have to wait a little for the Taverns but then I rarely want to go at maximum pace - there is always guild chat, our guild forum and competitions, refreshments for me and, as I sometimes forget,........... real life!

    p.s. Thanks also to those who have suggested further options

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    Nusala with 100 recruits is quite capable of taking out the first leader camp (top left) on her own. The camp just below with 30 recruits and G3 on this, 100 recruits again while Vargus battles the middle and right side.

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