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Thread: Dark Brotherhood Guide

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    Dark Brotherhood Guide
    Generals – Var, Ans, 2 MG’s, Nus x2 attacks,11 MMA attacks (ask one of the ls’s to bring several mma’s)
    Skilled and unskilled options
    Tested losses – 830R
    Units needed 900r 500cav, 40xb, 300es, 300k

    C1- 80R 95CAV 5XB (NUS) (45R) OR
    C1- 80R, 80CAV, 5XB (NUS)
    C2- 80r 85K (ANS) (66R)
    C2- 80R 70K (ANS)
    C3- 100R, 40CAV, 40XB (NUS) (75R) OR
    C3- 100R, 25CAV, 40XB (NUS)
    C4- 90R, 195CAV (67R) (MG)
    C4- 90R, 180CAV (MG)
    C5- 100R, 170CAV (MG) OR
    C5- 100R, 185CAV (MG) (85R)
    BLOCK – Send Nus when the Block camp reaches the blue spot
    C6 - MOD – 60ES 100CAV
    C6- NORM- 25E 175CAV
    L1- 155R, 20E, 5K (NUS) (54R)
    L1- 108R, 1E, 141K (MG)
    MOVE TO G2
    C7- 140R 55CAV (VAR) (134R) OR
    C7- 140R 40CAV (VAR)
    C8- 120R, 100E (MMA) (83R)
    C9- 100R 50K (ANS) (88R)
    11x 1R MMA’S (11R)
    2x 1R NUS (2R)
    ROA OR
    120R, 150K (MG) (120R) (if only the spawns of hell are left)
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    It's obvious you have garrison annex skill but since you have not specified any skills are there any others which are a must have ?
    When it comes to Gene pools and shallow ends they can be found at the bar drinking pina colada's

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