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Thread: [Forum Game] The Failed Gunpowder Plot

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    [Forum Game] The Failed Gunpowder Plot


    The Failed Gunpowder Plot

    Guy Fawkes Story Game

    You've received disturbing news: one of your island settlers is planning to blow up the Mayor's House this November 5th! Their identity remains unknown, but your guards intercepted a letter which all but confirms the plot is real: an anonymous shipment for barrels of gunpowder to be deposited in a warehouse near the intended target. You can use this information to apprehend the culprit, but you must wait until the last minute to catch them red-handed and prove their guilt. How will it go down? You decide!

    For this forum game, we'd like you to fill in the blanks and finish the story:
    • How do you apprehend the culprit and prevent the plot?
    • Who are they? (you can use an existing NPC, or invent a new one!)
    • What were their motives for this rebellious act?
    We're looking for a minimum of 100 words. Bonus points will go to those who can come up with creative, original and humorous stories - let your imagination go wild! We'll also reward the best contributions with some salvaged loot!

    The deadline for entries will be 23:59 GMT on November 5th!

    If you have any questions, send me a private message and I will answer them; adding any that I feel pertinent to this main post.

    Happy writing!
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    Case File #1.1 - Dodgy Dealings in Da Bush by PC Gonemad

    I was proceeding in a Westerley direction after responding to a disturbance from the local tavern. Three woodcutters (known locally as tree fellas) were complaining about odd noises coming from the base of a spooky tree.

    On interviewing the complainants, it became evident that the brew in said local tavern was stronger than it should have been - it was way above Kegi-7.

    However the landlord backed up their story, saying he too had heard shuffling sounds emanating from under the spooky tree. I decided then I should head over and do a reconnaissance on the alarming arbour. Upon my arrival, I was astounded to also hear shifty shufflings from under the shrubbery!

    I poked about and found the leaves were part of a huge camoflague net concealing a series of steps leading under the spooky tree's trunk. There were hundreds of aisles leading off into various directions. To my utter amazement I spotted Elliot and a barrel of what appeared to be gunpowder.

    "Oi Elliot, what are Yew doing"? I asked Plane-ly (I could have gone on and on with this branch of questioning , but decided to leaf it alone

    He turned to face me stating, "Im going to blow up everyone's Mayor's House and deplete the stock of unwanted barrells. This time next year, I'll be a millionaire when they need them for their Werewolf Howl buffs, mwahahaha..."

    Sadly for Elliot, once I explained that we could probably recoup most of the barrels needed for this task in a week, his head exploded and we had a clean up on aisle 4.

    The good news is that Elliot is recuperating in a field hospital and is expected to return next year...

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    The Foiled Excelsior Plot
    MrsWizard and I were searching high and low for the elusive pumpkin collectibles when we stumbled upon a group of demolition crews lurking around the Tavern. They were behaving rather furtively and insisting that there were no pumpkins to be found, and that we should be on our way. We bade them farewell and resumed our search for the pumpkins.
    MrsWizard however being of a suspicious nature, wanted to sneak back to eavesdrop on the group. With a firm and commanding voice I forbade any such thing as she disappeared back in their general direction.
    I carried on foraging for the collectibles but after a while got worried as MrsWizard had not returned. I started searching for her; I went back to the Tavern, where neither she nor the demolition crew were to be found, I did however find her bonnet left behind some empty Sandycove golden brew barrels. I then started searching further afield eventually returning to the BHG guild house.
    I sought our illustrious leader queen-vicious and explained what had happened. She immediately summoned all available guild members and their geologists and organised a search splitting them up into groups and designating which group should search each sector.
    Sometime later the search groups started returning each one with nothing to report. I was feeling somewhat forlorn, when Jim_B, Luigielratto and TheJollyone returned with news of the demolition crews seen climbing into The Excelsior with a rather large bundle.
    Immediately our fastest strongest generals were dispatched to the base of the excelsior to guard it and prevent anyone else from entering or leaving. The guild members following closely behind, Lord Dracul returned meeting us on the way reporting that unusually loud banging and clanging sounds were coming from The Excelsior.
    Soon we approached The Excelsior and Alvadar produced a new buff he had been working on, he said if we applied it we would be hard to see by those who had not taken it. The buff would make our skin reflect the background and we would be able to sneak into The Excelsior. Debonshirelad and derekinblack immediately grabbed a buff each and stuffed it into their mouths. Alvadar shouted NOOOOOOOOO you don’t eat it, but it was too late. Debonshirelad and derekinblack started to fade before our eyes then re-appeared and vanished again before re-materialising as rather large toads. Alvadar giggled and said no worries lads it will wear off in a week or two. He then advised the rest of us to how to use the buff i.e.break the buff into small pieces and breathe in as doing so. We all did as told and thought mmm nothing is happening. Duroc suddenly looked around startled and asked where everyone had gone. Sorry Duroc said Alvadar, you must have a faulty one. You will have to stay behind with the generals.
    We climbed into The Excelsior and the clanging noise was very loud. I immediately sought and found MrsWizard, she was bound and gagged in a corner. I untied her and loosened her gag; she told me that the demolition crew were setting explosives to blow up the forge. They were trying to steal all of the crystals from the forge and the gems from The Excelsior.
    MrsWizard told me to get everyone to bring their glistening water supplies and that we should all throw the water over the demolition crew and the dynamite. We did this and our Masters of Martial Arts simultaneously overpowered the demolition crew thus foiling the plot.
    Major General in the meanwhile had contacted BB informing them of the problem. Just as we finished tying up the demolition crews BB_Acadma3 and BB_Saqui appeared and took the demolition crew back to headquarters to the devs to try to find what had happened.

    We then all returned to the Guild House and set up a nice vivarium to keep Debonshirelad and derekinblack safe until Alvadar’s buff wore off.

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    Accidental Hero
    It was a dark and rainy evening, a real dog wetter. But then again it was nothing new in Northisle.
    I was cursing the little drummers banging my banged up armor when especially big and nasty one
    found a way through one of the many cracks of my rusty chain mail. With a loud grunt I barged through
    the nearest tavern door only to find my self in the middle of what seemed pretty private party.

    Strangely masked figures were gathered around the table with a single candle and what, with quick glance,
    looked like map of the city center and the Mayors house. As they stared my rugged figure my memory started
    to spin the rusted cogwheels. From the hazy yesterday ( I had had a few with the gents when this boomed voice
    general [claiming to be Master of Defence or some nonsense] offered a round of Friars Finest. After that came
    few lucky explorers with some gold in the bags and... well... rest of it was covered with fairy dust) I remembered
    pieces of conversations, some one with hush-hush voice, saying that someone is planning to blow up Mayors house.
    We laughed then, but only one laughing now was Grimmy when cold (and in my case wet) steel came unsheathed.

    They sized me up, 3rd rank tavern general, saggy eyes, saggy pants... not your (even) average knight-in-the-shining-armor
    and I could feel them grinning behind their grinning masks. But then fate came in to play. One of them drew his sword
    a little too flamboyantly and the sleeve of his robe hit the candle and caught on fire. He panicked and started running
    in circles. For some reason everyone else jumped a like and darted towards any exit they could think of. I recall seeing
    similar scene on Black Friday after store owner had said to the crowd "We're op...", backwards of course. As the flames grew
    stronger I could see barrel like shapes in the back of the room and the poor flameboyant (*chuckles*) Mr. No-good was just
    close enough me to see "...owder" on the side.

    If you have ever seen greased lightning wearnig rusty and squeaky chain mail, it was me. As the giant warm hand picked me up
    I traveled to my childhood into my mothers arms before I landed face first to a wall across the street. Luckily I did not had
    time to take off my helmet so my skull remained it original some what slanted shape.

    After everything was cleared (they rounded up some disgruntled shortfires and sent them to the Mountain with hammer and a chisel,
    the newly erected piece of rock that gave us more land to build on but the Mayor saw it as an eyesore. So the usual punishment
    nowdays was to "Be part of the progress and shaping the future" like Mayor told the convicted) I was rewarded with a new armor
    and promised some R&R while other tavern generals kept foes busy. (Fancy-pants-pretty-pony-generals take all the glory around here).

    I never told the true version to anybody because only the end result matters, right? Some might say accidental hero but I just
    take the hero part and say thank you. I have sent application to the University and maybe someday I can be a Major and wear those
    fancy pants...

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    I had received intelligence report from Nusala that the Champions in my army were quaffing brew in the tavern and plotting a dastardly deed. They had had enough of the sieges I had sent them on and were planning to get rid of me and my beautiful house. They had stockpiled barrels under my home and were determined to blow it up.

    Nusala ran the gauntlet of whistles and cat calls and brought me the devastating news that it would be tonight!!!!!

    I tried to hire the little tailor to spy for me, but he had run off with the beautiful princess, so I had no choice but to call in my intrepid explorer to fulfil the task. I enlisted the help of Draccy and Grim, as they were too busy trick or treating to be involved.

    My intrepid explorer returned with the grim news that they were ready to go and had been scrounging matches from the excelsior foundry keeper.

    The five off us hurried to my home and lay in wait. They arrive singing merry, drunken songs, so we pounced and brought them to their knees......remembering to take the matches off them.

    They were caught, and for their punishment, I sent them back on never ending sieges hunting for pumpkins for my fields. Never again would they plot against me.

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    Report of the investigation arround the 5th November

    In the second year of the Phoenix under the reign of our Lord and King Damien I, may he live long and prosper, I was tasked by his Royal Grand Vizier BB_Saqui to investigate troubling news.
    An unknown settler was said to have amassed a shipload of barrels full of gunpowder in the nearest warehouse to the Mayor's House. This along with the date of the 5th November were my only clues. Thus I began my investigation.
    I first inspected the warehouse, whose owner willingly agreed to leave the barrels so as to catch the miscreant. He however only had communicated with said settler via letters and thus was unable to give me a description. The letters in his possession did give us a name though: Guy Fawkes. From my travels abroad I knew this name to be of a man long dead, but could guess on the intent – to blow up the Mayor's House!
    My next clue came from Lord Drinian the captain of the Dawn Treader, an honest man and of good repute, additionally to the 3 scores of gunpowder barrels he had delivered different metal salts. Consulting one of our scientists I was rather bewildered as some were somewhat dangerous and all of them used in different scientific experiments. Alas, a very puzzling clue.
    Knowing of the so-called Gunpowder Plot of the original Guy Fawkes, I ordered the basement of the Mayor's House searched without finding anything and then doubled the guards.
    The next day the warehouse owner came to me terrified, one of his workers had helped loading most of the barrels with gunpowder onto a cart which then went off to an unknown destination. The worker had been off work the previous days and had not been instructed to hold the barrels. The owner seemed to fear imprisonment, however I could calm him down. (Let it be known that guards with loose tongues are not fit for important guard duty.)
    With a description of the cart I met with my informants, street urchins and children see more than one would think. Soon I was on my way out of the city into the 9th district, the farthest and most secluded one of them all. I came to a well guarded compound, warning about fire and to wear protection. I had found the evildoers lair.
    Upon nearing the gate I was apprehended by the guards and in no friendly words told to leave and not return. I did leave, but I also returned – with the Royal Guard no less! The area was quickly cordoned off and the guards silently taken out and held to be interrogated later. Inside the walls we found a large laboratory and a small villa, I divided the troops to surround the lab and search the villa first. The guards came out with a frightened cook and two maids, who told us their master and his son were in the laboratory. They also spoke of coloured lights at night, which I thought to be Aurelia Borealis this far north.
    Knowing the two men to be in the laboratory we had surrounded, I called for them to come out, hands high. And so they did, two flustered men one barely of age, the other dishevelled and with a slightly burned beard. I had them arrested for treason, and sent them off to be interrogated.
    Alas, the interrogation showed my to be on the wrong, for these scientific men had heard of the fine art of fireworks and experimented to make a grand display for the 5th November, which all of us had forgotten to be the Coronation Day of our Lord and King Damien I!
    I offered my profound apologies to them and advised them not store explosives near the Mayor's House without notification. On a side note we also found the fathers name to be Guy Faulkner, but his scribble was to illegible.

    Gamia, loyal servant of our beloved King

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    In Search of Gunpowder

    In Search of Gunpowder

    I was sitting in my chair and looking through the window as my good-for-nothing brother Theodor was begging for this and that. Listening to his never-ending list of requests was still better than being outside. It was a cold November day and freezing rain just started to fall. I shivered at the mere thought of going outside.

    There was commotion on the other side of my office door. Before I could rise from my chair to check what was going on, one of the guards ran into my office. He didn’t knock or apologized for interrupting my meeting. He was panting, there was a bruise forming under his left eye and there was a trail of dried blood on his brow. I guess he had a good reason to burst into my office.

    “Mayor!” he shouted as soon as his eyes landed on me. “This is bad!” he shouted again. Does he think I’m deaf? Seeing no reaction from me, he reached for his pocket. There was still no reaction from me, but the other guards reacted with a speed of lightning and jumped on top of this poor winded man. They pushed him to the floor and conducted search him. When it was clear that he did not carry any concealed weapons and was of no danger to me, my guards handed over to me a wrinkled letter.

    I quickly read the letter. Someone was planning to blow up Mayor’s House! There is no way I’m going to sit idle and let a crazy settler terrorize my island.

    “Where did you get this letter?” I asked.

    “I was sitting peacefully in the tavern, enjoying my night off with a mug of brew, when two dudes started to get loud. I was not on duty, but I was still a guard, so I asked them to calm down. They didn’t of course. A fight broke out, but instead of attacking each other they joined forces and attacked me! Can you believe it?”

    I wanted to ask him to get to the point, but Theodor was so engrossed in the story that I let the man continue.

    “I somehow managed to steer the fight outside. We were fighting in the dark alley behind the tavern. One of the men was soberer, and was quicker to realize that he was fighting a losing battle, so he ran away not long after the fight started. The other was persistent. He was a good fighter. He sent attacks in waves and didn’t give me time to catch my breath. Things turned ugly when he pulled a dagger out of nowhere and lunged at me. I dodged, and tried to wrestle the dagger from his hand, but unfortunately the dagger ended up in his hip. I thought it was just a flesh wound and nothing serious, but the blade cut his femoral artery and he bled to death before I could ask him anything. I searched his body hoping to find his documents, but found only this letter. I ran here as soon as I read it.”

    “What about the second man? Do you remember what he looked like?” I asked.

    “No, I’m sorry. It was dark, and we were in the middle of the fight.”

    “I see. Let’s not waste any more time and investigate this case. Anslem!” I called my chief of security. “There are two powderhuts on my island and we don’t know yet if any or both of them are involved in this plot. Send my most loyal generals to stake out outside of the warehouse mentioned in this letter and to both powderhuts. Make sure they stay covert and take no actions. You’ll come with me to the tavern to see the body. Maybe we’ll recognize him. Theodor, my dear brother, as you can see, I’m a little bit busy at the moment, so you can go home.”

    “What? No way! I’ll go with you!” he protested. His eyes were shining with excitement and anticipation of adventure, so I didn’t have the heart to stop him.

    “All right. Let’s go then.”

    It was still dark when we arrived. Anslem brought lantern closer to the dead man’s face. Neither of us recognized him. My brother used this opportunity to go through man’s pockets.

    “Theodor, what are you doing?”

    “Looking for clues.”


    “Just some coins,” he said and instead of returning the coins where they belonged he tried to put them in his pocket. I stretched my hand and looked at him with reproof. He grudgingly placed the coins on my palm.

    Hm, five coins shouldn’t weight this much.

    “Anslem, light!” He stood up and brought the lantern closer.

    “This coin is different!” Theodor exclaimed. Indeed. One of the coins had different imprint. It was definitely not coined on this island. “Do you think it’s rare? Do you think it’s relevant? Do you think he is a foreigner?” Theodor shot question after question.

    “I don’t know, but I know who does. Follow me.” Thankfully, tavern was not too far from trade office, so it took us only 15 minutes to get there. It was not easy to receive an audience by the chairman, but I’m the mayor. If I demand a meeting, I get one.

    “What can you tell us about this coin? Which island it belongs to?” I showed the coin to the chairman.

    He glanced at it and sighed. “You woke me up in the middle of the night for this? Mayor, I respect you, but you’re wasting my time. This coin doesn’t belong to any of the islands. It belongs to the guild of geologists from our very own island! They are given the coins as a proof of membership. Now, if you don’t have any more questions, I’m going back to sleep.” I can’t believe I was so stupid that I failed to recognize the insignia of one of my island’s guilds.

    “Off to the guild of geologists!” Theodor announced and marched from the trade office.

    “Wait, wait, wait. You can’t go there.”

    “Why not? We know who’s the culprit!”

    “Do we? The dead man was a bandit who attacked a guard in the tavern. He could have just stolen the coin from a geologist and geologists have nothing to do with it. And if geologists are connected to the plot, and we come to talk to them, we’ll scare them off. We don’t know if there is one person behind the scheme or the whole guild. I want to catch every settler involved.”

    “So what? You’ll just sit and wait for your office to be blown up?”

    “Of course not. My generals are already placed outside the warehouse and powderhuts, so we’ll get notified if anything suspicious happens, meanwhile we’ll make preparations to apprehend the guilty party. Now, hurry up, it’s already 4 o’clock in the morning and today is the 5th of November.”

    I ordered Anslem to secretly prepare barrels with water to put out the fire if we fail to prevent the plot. I also asked him to prepare fake gunpowder to replace the real thing in all powderhuts, and a special solution which will keep the gunpowder from igniting if the gunpowder to destroy my office was imported and not produced locally. Theodor and I went back to my office to study blueprints of the warehouse to figure out the best way to get in unnoticed.

    It was late in the evening when Anslem returned with report. Apparently, a suspicious barrel was delivered to the warehouse next to my office just several minutes ago. Anslem reported that this barrel was the real deal, and not one of the fakes my generals planted in the powderhuts.

    “Did you prepare the solution, Anslem?”

    “Of course. It’s ready for use.”

    “Great. How do you feel about a little sabotage this evening? I need you to carefully sneak into the warehouse and pour the solution into the barrel. You are dismissed.” Anslem left. “So brother? Are you ready for stake out?”

    “I thought you’d never ask!”

    Theodor and I successfully infiltrated the warehouse at 10 o’clock and were now waiting for the culprit to show up to light the fuse. The thing I like about criminals – they are punctual. There were two minutes till midnight left when a side door of the warehouse creaked and a shaded figure entered. It was dark in the warehouse, but I could still see that the person who entered was male.

    He quietly went towards the barrel with gunpowder. When he lit a match near the barrel and moved to light the fuse, there were no doubts left that he was the one behind the plot to blow up my Mayor’s house.

    Theodor and I left our hiding spot and ran towards the man, but Anslem was faster. He knocked the match from the man’s hand and pushed the said man to the floor. I stepped on the match to put out the fire and called for reinforcement. My generals stormed in with their squads and secured the warehouse. A minute later the barrel with gunpowder was evacuated and I lit the lantern to see the face of the man I was about to interrogate. Before I could ask who he was, what was his end game and motives, he started to cry.

    “It’s all your fault!” he accused me through tears between sobs. “It’s never enough for you! And I’m so tired. So, so tired!”


    “We’re doing our best, you know! We’re looking for deposits day and night, but it’s never enough for you. You give us books to improve our skills, but you always want more! Bigger deposits, faster deposits, mined deposits. When being lucky enough to find two deposits at a time was no longer enough, you started to demand finding two deposits on every search! How about being more careful with your resources, mayor? However, I’m a Conscientious Geologist, so I’ll show you the consequences of your actions. You wanted more saltpetre, so you’ll get more saltpetre. Or even better! A barrel of gunpowder! That’s what you wanted it for anyway, isn’t it? Ha-ha-ha!” He went from tears to hysteria and to insanity in a span of a minute. “I’ll blow up everything and will finally be able to rest! I’m so tired,” he burst into tears yet again.

    “Anslem, send him to Bastille Island. He’ll have a lot of time to rest there.”

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    Immediately I have sent my builders to construct my newly acquired watctower close to mayors house. From there my guards will have a good overlook of the surrounding storehouses. Feeling safe I could not but wonder who of my settlers would do such hideous act of violence. All recent polls have shown that my settlers are happy on my Island. I can only but wait for the guilty to be apprehended so I can question them why.The day have come and my guards have caught the guilty. Now it is time to get answers for my questions. It shows that my bakers have come crossed with me after hearing rumors that the bakerys should work trippel. After explaining them that the rumours are true but that it is not them that shall work trippel, but it is the new bakerys that are trippel effienct they were very embarrased that they just didnt confront me with these rumours instead of coming up with this faul plan. I explained. I told them that I was just happy it all went out allright. A happy settler is a good settler, forgive and forget

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    “Court is now in session.”

    “my he is a loud fellow” muttered the accused to his lawyer as they began to rise to acknowledge the judge entering. The smell that was slowly drifting off him, slowly making its way to the judge, where a vain attempt at not showing disgust was very clear on his face.
    “You may be seated, bring forth the 1st whiteness”
    “Why is the mayor presiding over this case?” was hastily whispered to the layer
    “As few years ago, he gained full control over everything, and by everything, I mean EVERYTHING, he controls the mob, the judiciary, The island chess club and the girl scouts”
    “What are my chances of this being a fair trial?”
    “Well, I am afraid to say, your execution is already scheduled for after the court session, I am rather looking forward to it, the mayor has put on an open bar as our brew supplies are over stocked”
    “Why are they going to kill me tho?”
    “Look, let’s be honest, you were caught with 2 barrels of gun powder under bother arms, while swimming through the sewers under the mayors house, we know it was you, because the guards dragged you strait in here, I can still smell the sewer. I should also point out, the only reason I am representing you, is so I would get a free meal at your execution”
    “But don’t you want to know why?”
    “Nope, don’t care, FREE DRINKS, don’t you get that?”
    “Fine, while the witness prattles on, I am just going to tell you, because you have to earn your free drink. Me and all my friends were perfectly happy living on this island till you settlers arrived and called us enemies I watched many of my old friends fall to your swords and join your “Empire” but I held out, for a long time, I was known as the Mighty Chuck, but you subjected me, made me into a pet, Well NO MORE, if I could, I would have blown you all away!!!”
    “yes, blown us all away, blah nobody loves me, ohhhhhh, they are butting out the salad, it was nice talking to you

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    whilst walking home to my residence on the far side of the island, usually the walk to the tavern is a short one, but alas the journey home is more like an epic adventure. anyways as i stated, whilst walking home from the tavern, i happened to come across a disembodied voice, this apart from sobered me up rapidly, i almost went as white as the ghosts that haunted the island a few short days ago then all of a sudden there was more disembodied voices talking albeit quietly among themselves. suddenly a large barrel rolled out from under a hickory bush and upon seeing it was filled with gunpowder i decided to make a run for it in case i accidentally become an ex member of society.

    as soon as the barrel rested against the old exotic wood tree a huge giant of a man came scuttling out of the undergrowth muttering curses to himself... "Oi Metal Tooth get back here we have work to do" mumble grumble out from the undergrowth i could see another 2 heads pop out, from my discreet location i could see that they were Skunk and One-Eyed Bert, get here already growled Skunk the explosives should be at the mayors house by now in time for the big finale.

    Now my natural instincts took over and i decided to follow them to see what they were going to do, maybe set off a huge fireworks display or something just as nice, unfortunately i was wrong. they was plotting to remove not only the mayor but hid house as well, quietly i watched them set up their explosive charges and creep away in readiness to make things go with a very big bang, so what do i do now??? by the time i get to the elite barracks and tell them what is happening then i might very well be too late to stop them.

    Suddenly i have an idea, very carefully i get each barrel of gunpowder and roll it away safely from the mayors house and into a secured spot, then the second... third and finally fourth barrels were stashed away, luckily no one thought to come back to see if they was in good order otherwise i might have been the next person to be running the pumpkin cemetery. quickly i ran albeit in a staggered formation to the elite barracks where i managed to inform sergeant skunk what was going on. soon he assembled a squadron of mounted marksmen and we all set off to the target destination.

    After a short while we heard the same disembodied voices emanating from under the hickory bush, ever so quietly Skunk, Metal Tooth and One-Eyed Bert crawled out and headed towards where they laid out their explosives, seeing the barrels no-where to be seen they began squabbling among themselves and didn't see the mounted marksmen coming up to them until it was too late to do anything. Sargent Skunk made short work arresting them and along with the barrels of evidence the jury decreed them all guilty. i on the other hand was in receipt of a commendation and received not only a medal, but was given the keys to my own magnificent residence as a thank you from the mayor himself. not a bad end to a day at the tavern even if i do say so myself.

    Their motive? they didn't like their smuggling camps taken down and their loot confiscated
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