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Thread: TOMBSTONE WARRIORS [ZOMBI] are recruiting

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    We now have space for up to 11 new members. This is sadly because some have stopped play.
    During the Easter Event up to 77 members completed their guild quest which was lower than we expected. It meant that at least 20 were not that active or not active at all despite so many Easter Goodies.

    We are a guild that has always aimed at honesty and openness and to sit just below 100 membership when we have so many inactive would give the wrong impression of our guild and create disappointment for those entering it expecting far more.

    Currently our Guild is beginning to reflect the lack of energy and commitment to the game that seems to be happening elsewhere and before it takes hold we need to take action.

    About us

    We have no rules other than commonsense. We have no Officers. We are proud to have a hard core membership of active members who have been with us for up to 2 years and longer. We are a truly multi-national guild and non-English is allowed in guild chat. (No one should be denied a chance to ask a question about the game , or for help, because they think their English is not good enough.)

    Our members have a lot of knowledge of the game and 20 of our members are levels 65 and over . Members of all levels readily help each other and we have our very own creators of excellent Adventure Guides.

    We ensure that information and news about the game is given in any format the guild members find comfortable. We have a Group Forum and use Google Docs amongst other means of communication if required. We also have an external chat channel for emergencies , for example when guildies cannot log into the game and have forgotten to buff an important production line or building.

    We have a Guild Event lasting a week which will take place whenever we feel the need to give the guild a bit of a boost and most importantly when guildies ask for it

    We are a guild where personal choice is totally respected and all we ask is that all in turn respect others’ choices and cause no hard feelings either in guild or in Global.

    If you are interested in joining us but would like to ask questions first we will be entirely frank and honest as always. ALL nationalities , ALL levels are welcome but you must be over 18 years of age.

    Please contact Mortallicus by sending a friend request and we can whisper or by all means send a mail ,or click the apply button and give us a trial.
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