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Thread: How to win a battle without loosing any troops?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dorotheus View Post
    Any camp where you lose just recuits can be won without losses, just replace the recuits with mercenary recuits.
    I wouldn't have thought of that. Very clever
    Sorry, but I've slept since then...

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    stealing from the rich. there is 8 towers in that u can take out using 100 cav with any gen 0 losses.

    If u have nusala and xbows then the nords is a good choice. u can take out 1st and 3rd sectors with 0 losses. 27 rec losses depending on skills in the 2nd sector. If u get the right position in each sector u just target the leader camp and take out all the other camps on the way there with 0 losses for taking out the whole sector. only works in sectors 1 and 3 though.

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