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Thread: [Feedback] Change Log 05.12.2017

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    Nice for u... i play the same time every day so buffs end each day at the same time and i dont talk about give or take 1-3h.... i mean i advanced only for 5h this night.... nothing to measure there, its visible when u logg in at ur usual time and buildings and buffs taking 24h are only 5h minus O.O
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    Quote Originally Posted by bullybeef View Post
    Hello Saqui. first off thank you for replying. I log in on workdays around 7pm German time and am normally logged out by 8 to 8:30pm so some time before maint started. I send my exps out on longest search that lasts less then 24 hours so they are returned ready when i next log on, same with buffs they are done either with 24 hr or with steaks. All exps are now back so have sent again and will see if they are home for tea tomorrow. Hopefully all will be good now but it reallt did happen with the maintenance. Thank you anyway for even reading my post.
    We've identified that a select few players may have found that their production seemed to have halted during the last maintenance. This was due to an issue with the latest deployment, and nothing to do with the idea voted on above. For the players affected, we're investigating the cause as we speak.

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