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Thread: Amazonian Settlers [ZON] recruiting

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    Amazonian Settlers [ZON] recruiting

    Amazonian Settlers, a top ranking guild on NorthIsle

    We are always looking for future recruits. We have a very active membership, and hold our own guild competitions and games. Recent prizes have included over 100k coins, 1 million+ granite and lots more.

    Guild chat is active 24/7, as we have members from all over the world. It is one of our very few rules to complete Guild Quest daily, with all assistance given if needed. Currently our members receive over 240 gold guild coins from the daily reward.

    Full help, advice and support is provided for all members from lvl 10 - 75 that is second to none. Over 100k pumpkins were given away by the guild to support lower level members during Halloween event.

    We have the best PvP players and some of the fastest levelling players on server. But don’t just take our word for it .. see what our members say about us:

    To find out more, and for an invite or to join our waiting list, send a mail in game to luckydiddy (Guild leader), Bellengaria (recruitment officer) or any of the officer team .. Stonewaller, Luxor1, ByMoonlight, Irobijn, Raddichio, Nastynono, or Hazeleyes

    Make this your new home
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    hey any more spot ?

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