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Thread: Wild Mary with Skilled Vargus (Charge-3), other CoAs, 1 MMA, 1 Major, blocks

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    Wild Mary with Skilled Vargus (Charge-3), other CoAs, 1 MMA, 1 Major, blocks

    Maximum (Average) losses: 460R 120Bow (420R 120Bow), before First Aid
    Troops needed: 500R, 160Bow, 500Cav, 330ES, 160Ka [1650]
    Generals: 1x MMA, 1x Major, all 3 CoA, at least 3x Tavern (Anslem only to speed up the attacks, can be replaced by Vargus or Mary Christmas).

    NEW: Added a few optional attacks with Skilled Mary Christmas giving 2.1k extra XP (2.8k if Fast Learner-3). Needed ca. 50R more.

    Generals' combat skills in this guide (some more important, some less, possible also if MMA and Nusala not skilled - see spoiler under the last attack)
    Skills 1 (Major, Anslem, Vargus): Master Planner, Garrison Annex-3, Unstop. Charge-3, Battle Frenzy-3, Overrun-3.
    Skills 2 (Nusala): Master Planner, Rapid Fire-2.
    Skills 3 (MMA): Juggernaut-3.

    Bronze Horseshoes
    NEW (optional): Skills 4 (Mary Christmas): Master Planner, Garrison Annex-3, Unstop. Charge-3, Overrun-3.

    Right-click on a picture to "Open in a new window" if you want to see the exact placements of generals for blocks.

    ++++++++ Sector 1 ++++++++

    Turn on the Bronze (or Platinum) Horseshoes before the first block!

    C1) 80 thugs, 70 stone throwers = 450 XP
    Anslem 35R 1ES 119C 10Ka
    - or -
    Mary 55R 1ES 149Cav 10Ka

    Block (3 generals)
    C2) 100 thugs, 70 stone throwers
    block-Normal 25ES 170Cav (195 troops) {140s}

    C3) 80 thugs, 30 guard dogs, 70 stone throwers
    block-Normal 55ES 80Cav (135 troops) {120s}

    Leader 1) 80 thugs, 50 guard dogs, 50 rangers
    Vargus 36R 1ES 110Cav 48Ka {20s}

    Safety margin: 3s (20s with Br. Horseshoes)

    ++++++++ Sector 2 ++++++++
    -- Skip Sector 2 for now, it will be attacked from the other side --

    ++++++++ Sector 3 ++++++++

    Block (3 generals)
    C7) 100 roughnecks, 50 rangers
    block-Normal 58ES 100Cav (158 troops) {160s}

    C8) 70 roughnecks, 80 rangers, 30 guard dogs
    block-Normal 20ES 180Cav {160s}

    Leader 3) 50 guard dogs, 100 roughnecks, 50 rangers
    Vargus 54R 1ES 65Cav 75Ka {30s}

    Safety margin: 10s (30s with Br. Horseshoes)

    ++++++++ Sector 2 ++++++++

    Block (3 generals)
    C5) 90 thugs, 30 guard dogs, 70 rangers
    block-Normal 40ES 130Cav (170 troops) {140s}

    C6) 100 thugs, 100 rangers
    block-Normal 25ES 175Cav {140s}

    Wait for general B to reach the red X (5 flags)!
    Leader 2) 80 roughnecks, 70 rangers = 760 XP
    Anslem 38R 1ES 67Cav 59Ka {20s}
    - or -
    Mary 62R 1ES 110Cav 42Ka {30s}
    Safety margin: 15s (Mary) or 25s (Anslem) (30/40s with Br. Horseshoes).

    You may also attack Camp 9 with Vargus while you're doing this block.

    ++++++++ Sector 4 ++++++++

    C9) 100 roughnecks, 100 rangers
    Vargus 43R 1ES 104Cav 47Ka

    Block (4 generals)
    C10) 180 roughnecks
    block-Normal 146ES 33Cav (179 troops) {180s}

    C11) 40 guard dogs, 100 roughnecks, 60 rangers
    block-Normal 60ES 140Cav {160s}

    C12) 100 guard dogs, 100 roughnecks
    block-Normal 117ES (117 troops) {160s}

    Leader 4) 130 roughnecks, 70 rangers
    Vargus 65R 1ES 64Cav 65Ka {30s}

    Safety margin (C10): 6s (23s with Br. Horseshoes).

    ++++++++ Sector 5 ++++++++

    C13) 20 guard dogs, 130 roughnecks, 50 rangers
    Vargus 70R 1ES 50Cav 74Ka

    C14) 80 roughnecks, 120 rangers = 960 XP
    Major 57R 1ES 201Cav 26Ka
    - or, better -
    Mary 70R 1ES 100Cav 44Ka
    Block (6 generals)
    C15) 200 roughnecks
    block-Normal 165ES 35Cav {180s}

    C16) 30 guard dogs, 80 roughnecks, 70 rangers
    block-Normal 33ES 167Cav {160s}

    C17) 140 roughnecks, 60 rangers
    block-Normal 92ES 108Cav {180s}

    Leader 5) 100 roughnecks, 60 rangers, 40 guard dogs, 1 Wild Mary
    wave-1 Skilled-MMA 1Cav [or 1R] (kills dogs + 31-37 rangers) {10s}
    wave-2 Nusala 20R 120Bow (kills rangers + 87-96 RNs) {20s}
    wave-3 Major 41R 1ES 86Cav 157Ka {30s}
    Safety margin on C15 block: ca. 10s (ONLY with Horseshoes!)
    Other options of the Final Attack:
    Keep the total time at 60 seconds!
    wave-1 MMA (no skills) 1R {10s}
    wave-2 Nusala (no skills) 20R 145Bow (leaves 27 or less Roughnecks) {20s}
    wave-3 (Skilled*-)Major 79R 1ES 25Cav 180Ka {30s}
    * Major's skills according to most popular sources (Evil_J's skills patterns, both versions on Wiki (with Overrun-3, Charge-3, Frenzy-1, Planner or Overrun-3, Frenzy-3, Planner) and of course this guide too.
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