The ability to combine existing buffs to form new ones.

This would bring all those buffs which have accumulated through searches back to life again. It would allow a player to custom make buffs to coincide to real life schedule(s). It can also be a large resource sink in the name of luxury.

Just a few recipes only, can perhaps be added to the provision house to bring unused buffs into play for higher level players. Also, we could go to a much larger scale of both variety and complexity which may then require its own building to make them in, as the provision houses are tied up with a lot to do already.

Can be dropped from adventures. Mulitple drops of the same recipe can result in a reduced price in resources required to make it.

This suggestion could be carefully implemeted not to make the current system obsolete. Many players have made buffing a large part of their game by fiquring out routines that work for their situations. Buff Fusion could provide a great reduction of resources in game from players who wish to "give up" resources which may come to them fairly easily for the luxury of not having to buff as much and/or buffing times suit more their style. I personally would only like to buff once a day for most things with a 23 hour buff giving me a 1 hour room for error depending when I am able to log in. Some samples could be...

Resource(s) + 1x Piera's Bowl of Pasta + 1x Mother Tree Ritual = Pasta Tree (28 Hours OR 42 hours on friend)
Resource(s) + 2x Fish Platter + 7x Solid Sandwich = Fish Sandwich (23 Hours OR 34.5 hours on friend)
Resource(s) + 1x Exotic Fruit Basket + 3x Roasted Duck = Exotic Duck (24 Hours OR 36 hours on friend)

There would be a great deal in variety here as the numbers can be very tailored fit to ones personal life style. With the 3 times (Buff self, buff friend, buff friend with premium) and a lot of these recipes available, it would provide buffs to all players no matter what their schedules may be.

For this to work, I would strongly suggest that the resources used in the recipes are carefully fiqured out. We could go about the design of resources required, a few different ways. For example, if 5000 fish is required to fuse the platters and sandwiches, consider the value of that resource and would that be worth that particular luxury. I would spend a great deal of resources personally to have this luxury, but if it was way to high I would start to calculate what that might mean for me in 1 months time and see what numbers I get. I would lean more towards a resource(s) price that makes this happen but with a background struggle by player not to perhaps make to many. Something between situational and long term buff fusion prices.

Many of the buffs are food related. Perhaps a new building could be introduced and be called "The Melting Pot" or better yet, use the Volcano!