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Thread: Creating Guides

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    Creating Guides

    Hi all
    Just starting out on creating a few guilds for myself after a long break, Nus wasn't about when i left all them moons ago so i grabber her on my return, problem is i have come across a few adventures were i cant find a guide using her so i thought i would make my own.

    I can run each camp through the simulator and figure out whats needed for each but i was just wondering if there was a spread sheet i could plug these numbers into that would allow me to work out what troops to send.

    I've been having a play and can almost get the right results but not always, I cant seem to get to get the logic right, my excel fu isn't what it was.

    Any assistance is greatly appreciated.


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    I use a sim to make mine
    but there is a long list of guides using Nus in this thread further down the list
    I hope they can help you a little to find something you can use as a base for your own guides

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