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Thread: Collection of SiidV guides

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    Collection of SiidV guides


    I will post the Guides here, so please do not comment here, thank you. This is only for a guides of the adventures, which You can use if you like them. We can not comunicate with player(s) from another Server(s), so many people here do not know who SiidV is. SiidV makes very good guides and as he is a German player, many people would not find his guides easily. If You need a help, email me here (forum) or use ingame contact form please.

    Direct Link to collection of SiidV guides :
    (NOTE : Use right corner "Vollbild" option to open whole picture)
    German lang:
    Eng translate here :

    Some of the older SiidV guides could be found here :

    Ali Baba And The Treasure Of Knowledge by SiidV, new Version 7 from 01.05.2017. Anteria Generals with no upgrades :

    Ali Baba And The Treasure Of Knowledge by SiidV, old Version 6 with normal Major General :

    (TEST version, more should come soon)
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    We know who Sid is, his old adventure journal is still on this forum.

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