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Thread: Christmas 2018 - Frozen Magnificent residence (maybe other events also)

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    Christmas 2018 - Frozen Magnificent residence (maybe other events also)

    Sitting here admiring my island covered in light snow (winter paint) it occurred to me how much I'd like to have the effect on my magnificent residences permanently but maybe not the whole island. It wouldn't take much effort to put these in the event shop being as the graphics are already in place.

    They would be no different for normal mag res except visually, maybe a cost of 1 mag res and 200 presents, the idea could be carried across to other events with other visual themes so people could create different themed areas on their islands.

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    not keen on the frosty idea but trading in a special building with some event loot to get a permanently different looking item is a gr8 idea
    those of us who find events easier than others would have something to keep collecting for and the newer players would have something to look forward to next year.
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