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Thread: Amazonian Settlers Christmas Crisis event

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    Gobolino response to part 4

    I finished in 26 minutes (lots of fast generals!), but failed to get a screenshot of it :-(

    After their long trek over the mountains, apparently getting lost along the way (or stopping for extended lunches), my troops eventually found the Vikings' island. But once they knew where they were going, they wasted no time - led primarily by Nusala and her two highly skilled General Majors, they made quick work of the tough but slow inhabitants of the island. Kamikaze Martial Arts experts from the far east sacrificed themselves to take out the front-line defenders, and the generals finally swarmed the fortress.


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    A cloaked figure shuffled through the forest, the wind and snow making its steps difficult. Occasionally it would stop to listen, then scrape away some snow on the ground as if looking for something… before moving on as if in a hurry.
    A crow cawed loudly. The figure stopped.
    White figures with twiggy arms began to emerge from the trees all around.
    The cloaked figure took her hood down, It was High Priestess Hazeleyes. Her eyes darted this way and that searching for the best way to escape. But it was clear .. she was surrounded by The Snowmen.
    She reached down to her waist. No weapon – all she had was her satchel of herbs she had been collecting. She reached into her satchel, closed her eyes and began to chant strange words quietly…
    As the Snowmen moved closer and closer, her chanting grew ever louder
    As they were almost on top of her they reached out to grab her … and she threw the pile of herbs above her head .. as the wind caught them and swirled them around the snowmen were covered in the herbs.
    Hazeleyes fell to the ground sure her time had come and prayed to the holy horseshoe to save her.
    But nothing happened.
    The herbs (or perhaps it was the holy horseshoe) had turned all the snowmen to puddles of water.
    She looked to her right and saw more white figures approaching, so she turned and ran as fast as she could till she was back in the guild hall.
    She explained what had happened to Luckydiddy and the guild officers. She also gve a detailed description of these snowmen ...
    “Perhaps this is another weapon we can use to defeat the Snow King’s army” She said, but I used all I had in my satchel, we will need more and we will need help to find enough.

    We will need you to find the ingredients for the Snowman Melter – but they are scattered far and wide … perhaps more than one item can be found on each island, but will you have the right island? …. sadly Hazeleyes was so flustered from her experience with the snowmen, her instructions of WHAT and WHERE to get it ... seemed a bit vague. Perhaps you can work it out?
    A Lettuce leaf from a Dutch greenhouse I want you to ROB a lettuce leaf IJN as fast a way as you can
    A blue flower from an exotic location.
    A flowery stone. (Yup that’s all the clue you get!)
    A Yellow flower grown by the light of the moon.
    Pumpkin seeds from a graveyard found in Hazeleye’s retreat
    An Orange flower from a chopping block in a beautiful place
    A bitter but sweet mushroom found at the base of a soldier statue.
    Once you have gathered all the items you need to place them under a golden light that never goes out on the Sergeant-At-Arms frozen wasteland for 1 hour.
    FIND EACH ITEM’S EXACT LOCATION – Island – sector – and or screenshot and prove to luckydiddy you have found all the ingredients for the High Priestesses to make more Snowman Melter to collect your latest reward. BONUS points available for finding more than 1 of the right item on the right island … eg there might be 3 yellow flowers grown by the light of the moon) If you find an item on the wrong island … its no good to you 

    Eg 1) Lettuce patch – Irobijn’s Island – S3 – by Noble residence … (It’s not there but :P) or … Irobijn’s island S3 + screenshot link. (It really really isn’t there though … or is it?)
    Good luck!
    Next part coming soon.

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    Teppic response to part 5

    Honored leader,

    After a seemingly endless time, the festivities quieted down as the barrack's stocks of brew ran out. But alas, someone remembered there's another barracks on the other side of the island and they all moved off.

    A few days later, I was finally able to round up a few scouts and managed to sent them out to look for the myriad items.

    On High Priestess Irobijn's island, the scouts kept losing their way because of the many broken sign posts.
    At some point, two lettuce patches were located in sector 3, near the border with sector 6, next to some Noble Residences and Improved Bakeries.
    A further two lettuce patches were located in sector 6, near the border with sector 9, hidden between a Noble and a Magnificent Residence, next to some Mills.
    There was more evidence of other search parties: the patches were heavily trampled and most of the remaining plants were dying. Careful searching revealed a few plants that could be nursed back to health enough to take some leaves.

    It was decided that High Priestess Luxor's island must be the exotic location to look for the Blue Flower. There certainly were a lot of them around and the place certainly look exotic, with a light white dusting and yet all flowers were still in full bloom.
    No fewer than 11 were found around the Seat of Power known as the Mayor's House.
    One was found between the east end of the gold mountains of sector 2 and a Magnificent Residence.
    Another one was found at the southern end of sector 3, between some Nobles and a Magnificent Residence.
    Yet another one was found in sector 8, almost on the border with sector 9, between a Noble Residence and some Toolmakers.
    And while circling back down, a further 5 were found in sector 4, surrounding a group of Mills.
    Samples were taken from all.

    Many of the islands contained Flowery Stones, but after careful consideration it was decided that the ones on Maestor Stonewaller's island were the right ones:
    A Flowery Stone was reported in sector 1, near de border with sector 2.
    Another Flowery Stone was found in a Blue Flowerbed in sector 7, next to a walled of area.
    A third Flowery Stone was found in sector 9, between some stone walls and a Hunter.
    A fourth was found in sector 2, below a copper mine, next to some more stone walls.
    A fifth was found in sector A5, in a Bed of Roses, above a Horseman Statue.

    It seemed obvious to look for a Yellow Flower on High Priestess ByMoonlight's island. At least it did at first. But the first scouting party never returned...
    A second scouting party reported strange markings on the island. After placing all the reported markings on a map, it turned out to read like a pirate treasure map, with X marking the spot. No wonder the first scouting party was lost: they probably ran into the pirates.
    The X turned out to be a very inaccessible place on the Western Edge of the island, in sector 4.

    Since pumpkins are no longer in season, we looked for a Decorative Pumpkins Cemetery on High Priestess Hazeleyes' island retreat. It was found in sector A7, next to the Dark Castle. The place looked like it had been ransacked by a dozen or more armies, but a long and careful search revealed a few precious seeds.

    On Hight Priestess Bellengaria's island, the scouts found a Chopping Block, right on the border of sectors 6 and 9, next to some Blue Flowers, next to the Combat Barracks.

    On Hight Priestess Bitter_Sweet's island we found some mushrooms at the base of a Soldier Statue in sector 7, north of the eastern most Dark Castle. We're not really sure if they're the right sort: we couldn't find a volunteer to test them.

    After long days of scouring many islands, all the items found were placed under the light of a Golden Lantern found on Sergeant-At-Arms Raddichio's island, which was found in sector 2, hiding behind a Big Red Tree, next to the mountains and some Hunters.
    One scouting party returned late to report a second Golden Lantern in sector 5, behind a Gingerbread House which was in the process of upgrading. Just for good measure, all items were place under its light for another hour.

    When we returned to your island, we found the Guild House almost completely surrounded. With great risk and effort, we managed to get around the Snowmen army to enter through the back door. And now I present all the collected items to you, in the hopes that they will be worthy to use in the effort to fight of the Snowking's army.

    Your humble servant,

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    Hanta's response to part 5 .... he didn;t have time to go and search for everything but nevertheless .. came up with ... an interesting response to the clues and places to search ....

    [didnt go and search instead he mugged everyone as they returned so he had them all]

    Everyone thinks they know how all happened. But as always, the official truth hides some inconvenient truths, those that the officers would be embarrassed would they be known…
    All started with the hunt of the magical ingredients, so important for the quest that would save them all. Everyone was gathered there, listening everyword, every description, burning them in their minds so they would be sure that they would not overlook that precious plant that could save them all
    And when the list was done, everyone run. There were many frozen countries to visit, many miles to cover. All, except one
    One that stayed looking at those officers coming back inside, to the nice beer, rum, and warm! And he made his mind

    After a few days without news, the officers started to be impatient.
    “Where is everyone? We should have news by now. Someone must have found at least one of the ingredients”
    But time passed, and no one came. And everyone was more and more nervous
    “Something is wrong!”
    “What are we going to do if they don’t find anything?”
    “Sergeant at arms, go find out what is going on!”
    And as soon as they opened the door, they found the infamous scout clouch at his side, taking by the legs another scout and hurrying away
    “Bloody hell, they had to come out just now!” And run away. But not fast enough! We was caught just as he was entering a house, and there were a big number of scouts, all nicely tied up
    Before anyone understood what was going on, the scout took plenty of list and exclaimed:
    “Got all you need here! You see, found them all!”
    All the scouts tried to shout, but tied as they were, it was just a big moaning
    The truth was not hard to find
    “it was too cold out there to bother, and they were already so many looking. Just had to wait for them and pick the locations. But none of the notes made any sence. All those stupid simbols that you call letters are useless! And my master is on holidays, so he could not help either! Do I get my reward? I’m the only one who brough every clue back”
    And with a big toothless smile, gave all the papers to a shocked officer

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    Winter is Coming Part 6

    The sergeant-at –Arms Raddichio strode along The Guild Hall Battlements with Maestor Stonewaller. Looking out across the snowy plains. The cold wind making Raddichio’s eyes sting. Maestor Stonewaller seemed unfazed by it.
    For the last few days the guild hall had been surrounded by The Snow King’s Snowman army. Some guild members had panicked and tried to get away. Their corpses now lay outside covered with snow. (People who have left the guild during the event ) Maestor Stonewaller had only one word for them .. “Fools”
    A horn blew in the distance. Raddichio cursed as he saw the Snowman army begin to advance. The Maestor simply said “Pfft!” The pair turned and headed down the steps from the battlements and marched into the hall.
    In the hall a huge cauldron sat bubbling over the fire. Guild members had been tipping their flower and seed collections in for days. The High Priestesses had been taking turns to stir the mixture.
    “Is it ready?” barked Raddichio, “We are out of time, the Snow King’s army approaches”
    “1 more day” snapped High Priestess Irobijn, “We can’t rush this”
    “We don’t have time” said Raddichio.
    Luckydiddy came across and said calmly. “Then we will make time - We must strengthen the defences.”
    Every Xmas event achievement you complete will help to boost the defences of the Guild Hall. The more event achievements you have – the stronger the defences will be. You have STRICTLY TILL THE 26th DECEMBER to make sure you have completed as many of the Christmas event achievements as possible. Points scored for each equal to the number of achievement points you have. If you have missed out on any parts .. this is also your FINAL CHANCE to get them done! NO MORE LATE ENTRIES FOR ANY PART AFTER 26th.... all those who have entered at least one part of the crisis event your achievement points will be checked by me (compare achievements) after GQ reset on 26th December.
    Final part December 27th (The guild's 5th birthday).

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    Winter is Coming Part 7

    The 4 High Priestesses stood at each corner of the battlements. The cauldron had been carried to the top of the central tower. Along the walls high level members of the guild stood by the cannons and mortars waiting for the order from Maestor Stonewaller to fire. Down in the courtyard the remaining guild members stood in their armor sharpening their swords one last time, though they felt nervous the presence of the Sergeant-at-Arms, and Courageous Explorer Bellengaria gave them confidence. Inside the Hall Maestress Nono had gathered all the youngest guild members, this could not be their fight – not this time.
    Across the frozen wastes The Snow King watched his army advance, a sly smile across his face. Soon he would have the gold guild coins.
    “FIRE” yelled Maestor Stonewaller. All along the battlements cannons and mortars roared.
    The High Priestesses began to chant once more. Orange smoke could be seen coming from the cauldron which began to form a huge cloud overhead.
    “FIRE” yelled Maestor Stonewaller again, and once more all along the walls the cannons and mortars roared out.
    As the smoke cleared, Maestor Stonewaller looked out across the frozen wastes – the Snowmen were still coming. The cannon had made no difference at all.
    The Snow King looked up and saw the huge orange cloud forming overhead. He took a deep breath and blew hard. The wind blew harder… The cloud began to move… away from the battlefield.
    The first wave of snowmen started to batter the defensive walls.
    “Fall back” yelled Luckydiddy .. “Fall back to the courtyard! We will beat them hand to hand if we have to!”
    Down in the courtyard the walls began to shake, the great gateway shook as The Snowmen outside hurled themselves against them.
    The Snow King mounted his horse and rode closer to be nearer to the site of his greatest victory.
    Rocks began to fall off the walls as they creaked under the onslaught from The Snowmen outside. The huge gates creaked, buckled and then with an almighty crash broke open.
    The Snow King sat on his horse in the middle of the gates, his army at his side.
    With a wave of his hand the Snowmen began to advance.
    Sergeant-at-Arms Raddichio pulled out the legendary sword of Sephuaua. Once again it burst into flame and began to play music
    The Snow King looked at Raddichio and said “Lol!” and blew at it hard. Raddichio was blown to the floor “A mere child’s toy” snarled The Snow King “to think YOU could be a top guild … lmao!”
    The Snow King marched forward towards Luckydiddy.
    “Fall back” Luckydiddy yelled once again.
    The remaining guild members and officers moved backwards and into The Great Hall and slammed the great doors behind them.
    Inside the hall Luckydiddy ordered everyone to get behind him.
    There was a slight tap at the door and the doors blew in.
    The force of the doors caving in knocked everyone to the floor. Even Maestress Nono’s hat fell off and rolled across the floor.
    The Snow King marched into the hall triumphantly.
    He glared at the Holy Horseshoe above the fireplace ..
    And it fell…
    Breaking in two as it hit the stone floor.
    “Kneel before me!” demanded the Snow King “… and I shall let you live as one of my Snowmen… I will not give you another chance”
    “Never” replied Luckydiddy “You will have to kill me first”
    The Snow King began to laugh .. “Good .. Good .. I wanted to have some fun!” and pointed at Luckydiddy.
    As he pointed at Luckydiddy a cone of ice left his finger.
    Luckydiddy yelled “NOOOOOOO” as ice began to encase him.
    Playmate of the month ________ saw Maestress Nono’s very pointy hat roll in front of them. They grabbed it and charged at the Snow King yelling “Thou shalt not pass!”
    The Snow King pointed his fingers at BitterSweet and spears of ice shot out of his fingers…. But as they hit the hat .. they fell to the floor melting instantly.
    With a leap the brave Bittersweet jumped at The Snow King plunging the very VERY pointy end of Nono’s hat between the eyes of The Snow King.
    The pointy end sank into The Snow King’s forehead and the Snow King turned to water.
    The ice surrounding Luckydiddy also turned to water.
    And large puddles could be seen on the floor where just moments earlier stood The Snow King’s Snowmen.
    High Priestess Luxor looked at Maestress Nono … “Are you sure you put the right thing in Sephuaua’s tomb?”
    “What tomb?” Said Nono
    Bellengaria helped Luckydiddy to a chair. He turned to the heroic playmate of the month and said “Thank you … you have saved all of us from this crisis”
    Maestor Stonewaller went to sit on his chair .. “Crisis .. what crisis? More like a mild dilemma … wake me up if anything serious happens!”
    Days later There was a huge celebration in The Great Hall. All the Guild members were there. Music was playing. Nono was proudly wearing her hat once again. The Holy Horseshoe had been repaired and Luckydiddy honoured those members of the guild with property and many gifts for having helped thwart the Snow King….

    This Time!

    To be continued?

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    Ultimatly I wanted to "quest" to involve lots of running around .. and pointless activities as I knew when I wrote the first lines of the story .. that the ending was going to be that all the magic McGuffins that were found would be found to be useless .. and the hat mentioned in the very beginning was going to be the "real" item to save the day .. the hat is awarded regularly for guild members that do something .. where .. they really should have known better .. Nastynono in particular is a regular recipient.

    Over half the guild took part in one or more stages, and whilst a lot of work was involved with setting it up, getting the officer team "role-playing" their story roles in guild chat to give help, advice ... and just generally causing confusion I still enjoyed it ... I certainl;y never expected so many members to get as involved with the story as to write their own versions to go with their submissions.

    In the end over 25k presents were awarded to members for taking part as well as 1 frozen manor, 5 Mag Res's, 20 Noble Resisdences, 20k Grout and a load of other bits and pieces.

    A public thanks once again to all who took part, and all who made it into such an enjoyable event - I had never done anything like this before... maybe one day I will do again .. but not for a long time.

    If you have read through all this .... thanks - hope you enjoyed the story.

    Leader of Amazonian Settlers [ZON]

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    there was a lot of work put into this
    so special thanks to luckydiddy and many thanks to all who took part to make this an event to remember
    congratulations amazonian settlers (zon)

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    This was/is so much fun! And with all the member's "side tracks" to the story!!! Just great!!! Thanks to all in ZON who made this the most fun crisis event I have lived through (almost) during my 5 years here! And I got my hat back!!! Horraaaaaay!!!

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    Our guild, the hellfire club ran a christmas lotto instead with prizes ranging from arabian residences, friaries and magnificent residences down to 20k beans, granite etc etc, though of course this isn't guild recruitment either...........

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