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Thread: [Sneak Peek] Mountain Clan Campaign: At the Foot of the Mountain

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    [Sneak Peek] Mountain Clan Campaign: At the Foot of the Mountain

    Mountain Clan Campaign: First Mission to be tested

    As with any other Sneak Peek, the content shared on may not reflect the final status of the feature.
    Once the game version is finalized, a corresponding Dev Diary will be published.

    Dear Settlers,

    A new game version has been deployed on today.
    It introduces the first Mission of the "Mountain Clan" campaign we presented 2017.

    Download the map: Full - Medium - Small

    "At the Foot of the Mountain" - The first Mission that is part of the "Mountain Clan" campaign.
    Following the rumours about the mysterious Mountain Clan you discover the homeland of the Nords. Searching for clues about the Mountain Clan you stumble upon a peaceful but mistrusting Nords town in distress. Though they cannot help you directly, they promise to point you in the direction where you could possibly find further clues, but only if you agree to help them out of their misery. Surrounded by vicious wildlife and renegade Nords Bandits the Nords people are cut off from the outside world. The contact to nearby outposts has been lost long ago and there is no possibility to craft new tools in the harsh environment. Restoring a few of their vital buildings will already help the Nords and also free the path further into the icy mountain region. On your way, you may discover old texts about a Nords tribe shrouded in legend, which Sonya luckily is able to decipher. But will these legends prove themselves true? Only time will tell...

    A new building that works similar to the "Footie Pitch" will by chance be part of the loot for this Mission, once the version is finalized.

    "Meadhall" - Celebrate like the Nords. A festival hall to start various zone wide effects.
    This new cultural building can trigger three different island-wide buffs within a certain timespan.
    Every Meadhall on your island reduces this timespan (i.e. 1 Meadhall = 48 hours, 2 Meadhalls = 24 hours etc.).
    Triggering a Buff costs resources.

    We invite you to test the new Mission and provide your feedback in our test server forums.
    Our game design team is closely watching your feedback and participating in discussions.

    Important note:
    Please note that the Meadhall will NOT be part of the loot on this test server version; once the version is finalized and deployed on the live instances, the building will however be part of the rewards, by chance. You can still view the Meadhall in the Mission on the current test server version, but you cannot obtain it, for now.

    Happy testing!
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