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Thread: Clear Queue 2.0

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    Clear Queue 2.0

    The context menu to access addition functions was a very great QoL feature.
    I would like suggest 1 more thing here.
    There is the Clear queue. That would be the Clear queue (all), and there would be a new one Clear queue (<the selected item>). This would clear only that one item type.

    For example I would like to move all cavalry to the bottom, there are way now, move one by one, or clear queue and add everything again, but if we could clear cavalries and add again, then that is a 2 step: move to bottom (<the selected item>).
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    there's always 1 lol

    I agree with what ur saying but tbh, i'm perfectly happy with the way it works now
    ofc i talk to myself. Sometimes I need expert advice

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