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Thread: The good the bad and the ugly! AND the come on settlers!

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    The good the bad and the ugly! AND the come on settlers!

    Personally I really like this game  We get to chat with people that we would not always meet in RL
    Doing some adventures, failing on blocks s
    A lot of people have played TSO for a long time and really enjoy the whole experience.
    BB brings in new things and events for us to get involved…nice one!

    TSO is what you make of it, some have spent real money. There have been a lot of hiccups, freezes, lag…people letting you down not sending to some loot spot grrr ;p

    TSO is what a lot of you enjoy and play, ANNO online has recently closed, a UBIsoft game…it is YOU the player of Settlers Online that will keep it going and motivated!

    Global chat seems to be needing some `chat` let`s keep this game going? Don`t leave it to the regular players in there to keep this game going for all of us…call in to global chat when you have a few minutes spare…if you have any ideas to keep global chat going shout out 

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    ofc i talk to myself. Sometimes I need expert advice

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    I agree with you abradoodle, the game is good, but it is the people playing that make it so enjoyable.

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