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Thread: out dated

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    out dated

    Sorry to day but T S O is becoming outdated in the browser game genre nothing new same old stuff and a bit lacking in ideas to progress

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    There’s loads of new ideas and content being added all the time, so I would completely disagree with this post.

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    prob is not lack of ideas but players complaining when new stuff gets added cause they dont like it.
    There is new stuff being tested now to add to the game.

    Its the same with every browser game though. most have players complaining they want new stuff then complain when new stuff gets added.

    Ive played loads of browser games. This is 1 of the better ones. new stuff gets added all the time and most of it improves the game a bit unlike other games that add new stuff and players quit cause of it.

    1 game i used to play put in the ability to teleport ur cities to other places on the map. it destroyed the game cause u had no way to defend as u could move ur city next to another player attack them with no warning and move away again before they knew what hit them. thousands quit when they added that feature and the devs refused to remove it.
    Most browser games r pay to win. TSO isnt u can play at ur own pace, no pressure to get better only pay if u can afford it but not much advantage to paying for stuff as not much in the way of PVP. So no coming online to find u have been attacked and lost all ur army, buildings burning or destroyed and no res to rebuild as it all gets taken in the attacks.

    Most browser games r breaking the law by forcing u to pay to buy in game stuff like giving quests u cant complete unless u pay.
    At least TSO doesnt do that.

    A few years ago they made the law after hundreds of parents complained that their kids were stealing their credit cards to buy in game content just so they could compete with other players and some parents ended up getting credit card bills in the thousands of $ and £. But a lot of games still do it.

    I buy gems when i can afford it cause the staff need to be paid and its my way of thanking B for a nice game with no bullying going on.

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    The platform is outdated, the game it self is fine

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