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Thread: Surprise attack 1st block

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    Surprise attack 1st block

    I have lost lots of elite soldiers on this map, but mmm lots of experience!

    However, I found the first block on camp 5 (leader) of the Nusala guide hard and lost quite a lot. I always kill camp 2 because she only loses about 8 recruits. Then block the next two camps and send Nusala to camp leader. Using the guides I could find, i lost a soo many elite soldiers So I counted up the flags and worked it out myself. I have then done this placement and for the first time, it worked hurrah! I waited about 4 seconds after the first general, and sent Nusala after the drums. As always, any block can fail! But I am going to retry this a few times. I am wondering if anyone else has a method for this block and has any suggestions?
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    I use the following positions for blocking on that sector and it hasn't failed me yet:

    Just place whichever attacking general you wish to use in the position marked 'MG' (Major General) and send each subsequent general immediately after the drum sounds of the previous one finishes and everything will be fine.

    I use the following blocking armies:
    B1 - 73E 127C
    B2 - 127E 73C
    B3 - 200E
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