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Thread: Landing general shuffles the others (already attacking) and makes havoc

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    Landing general shuffles the others (already attacking) and makes havoc

    In YWC I had Mary and Anslem marching to their target camps when Dracul landed. Dracul took the spot in which Mary was placed! Both Mary and Anslem moved their garrisons further behind (while still attacking)
    The chaos it caused (Anslem suddenly walking before Mary and being intercepted) was funny, because I managed to retreat them both, only wasted a big catapult, but this sort of bugs is quite bad, let's hope it was some freak coincidence and not result of the latest changes.

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    In the last couple of days I had something similar.

    In YWC I moved Mary to her position, she packed camp and started walking. Then a QM landed on a spot that overlaps where Mary was going and Mary was zapped back to where she was before I moved her.

    At least mine wasn't during an attack.

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