I'm suggesting a new mechanic that could potentially enhance the overall adventuring experience by adding variety and a bit more strategical side to it.

Mechanic idea: After winning a battle, capture (gain control of) x% of the enemy units in the camp.
The specific details are of course the issue of balancing the game, but for example something like this: After winning a battle in round one, capture 50% of each enemy unit type in the camp.

To give a better idea how it could play out in game, I'd bring in a new general (not an expert on balancing, obviously)

Description: A true battle-scarred warrior-type general ready to take up any foe. Survives even the most freezing temperatures (With the upcoming MCC in mind :P).
Attack dmg: 1250-1500 (Splash)
Accuracy: 90%
Attack speed: Slow (Fitting the nord-theme; also no need for another 1R suicide gen)
HP: 550
Unit cap: 180 (Again, balancing!)
Special ability: Capture

Now, whenever this general is able to eliminate the enemy camp before the fight drags beyond Round 1, the Camp will not disappear, but instead gets "conquered", capturing 50% of each enemy unit type that were there before the fight started. Does not work on Boss/Leader camps. General stays inside the conquered camp until the player decides to transfer him elsewhere. However, captured units cannot leave their original position and can only attack when the general is in the camp. General can only "control" or "keep active" one enemy camp at a time, so whenever a player decides to conquer another camp, the previously conquered camp along with all captured units disappears. Another way to lose an active camp is to claim the sector.

For example:
1. You kill a camp with 10 Sword Clasher & 10 Horseman
2. General stays inside the camp (in the borders of an enemy sector) and takes it over.
3. Have control of your General and troops, like you normally would. Also have control over new captured enemy units (5 Sword Clasher & 5 Horseman).
4. Choose whether to sacrifice the captured units immediately or save them for a bit later depending on your goal/conditions.
5. Camp is permanently removed after the sector is claimed or when a general conquers a new camp.

Attacking with captured units means that only these units will be sent to battle, so your general does not need to die when sacrificing captives. Also, captured units cannot be mixed with a player's army. (Add a "Switch to captured units" button next to the current unit switch button, for example)
Alternative: If, for some reason, it is impossible to program the units to attack without a general, a general will also march to the battle, but will be revived immediately after defeat.

I think it would be interesting to change a few skills for this guy. I propose 4 new top tier skills (Can only choose one), which sort of define a general and greatly affect one's playstyle.

Skill 1: Ability to hold 2 conquered enemy camps active at the same time. Traveling speed between conquered camps is increased by 100%
Skill 2: Master planner (unchanged)
Skill 3: Ability to attack from outside the conquered camp with up to 50 captured units = A general can load up to 50 captured troops on him and move to another location to attack from there.
Skill 4: Ability to keep a conquered camp active even after the sector it is located in is claimed.

Additional notes:
*Conquered camps cannot be used as transfer locations by any other general.
*As a balancing issue, things like whether skills (Master planner, Fast learner...) affect captured units can also be considered. First Aid would obviously be game-braking is this scenario, so...

I know it's quite a lot of ideas put together, but the primary goal was to present the mechanic itself, and the General is there to better illustrate how it could play out in game. Of course, all comments and ideas are welcome, please!