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Thread: [Sneak Peek] Anniversary Event & Island Expansion

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    [Sneak Peek] Anniversary Event & Island Expansion

    Information regarding the Anniversary Event on the public test server!

    As with any other Sneak Peek, the content shared on may not reflect the final status of the event.
    Once the game version is finalized, a corresponding Dev Diary will be published.

    Dear Settlers,

    Did you know that the very first "The Settlers" game was created 25 years ago? We cannot let this memorable event pass us by - it's time to celebrate our Anniversary with a very special in-game event! Our developers committed themselves to create new content over the past months, including new buildings, quests, buffs and a brand new specialist!

    A new specialist will become available as a personal milestone reward! By the look of it, it is neither a Geologist, Explorer nor General, but a Medic. Wait... since there are no medics in the game, it can only be a Medic General!

    The Field Medic General

    Introducing the Field Medic General, a general specialised in recovering the units he's leading, with an enhanced version of the First Aid skill. This might come in handy in times of need on the battlefield.

    New buildings are made available with the Anniversary Event, and a most intriguing one is a brand new culture building with several new buffs: the Scouting Post!

    Click on the image for full view

    The Scouting Post

    The Scouting Post is the first building to provide buffs with increased XP rewards for playing adventures of various difficulty levels. Find out what those buffs are and how to obtain the building straight from!

    But that's not all! Along with the Anniversary Event on the test server, a new big feature will be implemented today: the expansion of the home island!

    Click on the image for full view

    In order to increase the building space, additional building slots will be made available across four islands:
    • two on the north-eastern side of the home zone
    • two on the south-western side
    • each island contains around 12-13 building spots
    • each island will receive additional water buildings spots. On top there will be new water building spots around the already existing islands.
    • the island in the north will have the default setting
    • the islands in the south will be designed in the desert setting
    • there will be no additional deposits on the islands
    • the amount of available island deeds was increased to 7

    We hope you enjoyed peeking through the test server's door with us! Share your impressions in our forums or directly on the test server forums, where our developers are monitoring the feedback and interacting with you!

    Click here for the local feedback thread!

    Happy testing!
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