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  • I am pleased with the football drops from adventures and explorers

    57 16.43%
  • I like the Snack Stand and I find it useful

    138 39.77%
  • I think the Stone-Cold Geologist is useful

    286 82.42%
  • I think the achievements were easy to complete

    141 40.63%
  • Overall, I am satisfied with the Summer Event

    178 51.30%
  • I am not pleased with the football drops from adventures and explorers

    225 64.84%
  • I don't like the Snack Stand and I don't find it useful

    89 25.65%
  • I think the Stone-Cold Geologist is not useful

    9 2.59%
  • I think the achievements were difficult to complete

    58 16.71%
  • Overall, I am not satisfied with the Summer Event

    98 28.24%
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Thread: [Feedback] Summer Event 2018

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    I found it a struggle to get all the items, but who said it was supposed to be easy? I traded hard and ended up with everything I wanted - and that is satisfying to me. Yes, after several years of playing I have amassed a number of resources that I could trade - but isn't that the reward for hard work, and something to aim for at a lower level? I know for many events I was only able to purchase a minimal number of items, and yes, I was jealous of those that got everything, but I knew that one day I would be able to do that too.

    I was greatly disappointed with the amount of balls in adventure loot. I purchased a month of premium for the event, as I have done on other events, but with the drop rate as low as it was, it didn't make much difference, and eventwise, premium was a waste of time. Would make me reconsider doing it again.

    The collectible achievement was seemingly impossible, but again, who said we had to achieve every achievement? A mixture of stubbornness and pride had me searching for collectibles at odd hours, using fairy dust towards the end as the 1000 seemed less and less likely to get - and what do you know, I got there with a day to spare. I guess it depended on how much you wanted to work for it?

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    Overall a great event, thank you!!!
    Stonegeos are awesome. As one who uses footie pitch almost every day i most welcome another one! Snack stands are good, will be better with some more later - future goal, great! Altho i support suggestion about making them stackable so they dont take so much space. Lucky explorer always welcome. The main quests were good and doable. Actually theres only one thing i was not happy about, and that was the footballs from adventure loot. As someone wrote in the first post here, why not reward people for actually playing the game. It also makes trade more busy with lootspot offers. But all in all a great event thx

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    I thought the event was well balanced. The only thought I have is possibly a better use for the collectibles once the quests are finished.
    Some kind of reward or the ability to make a buff would have presented more motivation to collect them further.

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    I am giving a negative rating to this event.

    In my opinion, an event should be a reward to players who play regularly, as in every day. Not everyone can spend hours in the game, due to daily routine outside of the game, like family or home or job related things, but a lot of people do get into the game daily.

    It was very hard to gather enough footballs for everything in the merchant worth getting. I traded a lot, but that means someone else didn't get enough footballs to get items from their own "wish list". Loot from the adventures was close to nothing, so it was a waste of time doing adventures during the event. I have an advantage of having a lot of explorers, which also means players with a few are in quite a disadvantage.
    As for the usefulness of the items offered for footballs in merchant, they are all useful. Indeed, it would be a nice thing if a buff could be applied on the snack stand(s). A stone cold geologist is good as it is, but upgraded is even better. Speaking of that, perhaps the iron-willed geos could be promoted into "metal cold geos", so their abilities refer to all metals, not just iron?

    If I got things right, from playing regularly we got around 2.850 footballs. The price of all valuable items from merchant is 16.066. A huge difference to make up even for a higher level and more-than-average active players, and I can imagine how it is for those on lower levels or not able to play due to real life obligations.

    So in the end, my main critic, and also a suggestion, would be that, since in my opinion an event should be a reward for regular players, the amount of event currency (in this case footballs) we get from playing regularly (from event quests, achievements, collectables, but without those we get from adventures, explorers, trading.....) should be enough to get all the good stuff from the merchant (in this event for me those would be Lucky Explorer, Footie Pitch, 5 Building Licenses, Snack Stand, Stone Cold Geologists, Flag Flowerbed, Friaries). For all the other event currency we get from playing more than regularly and depending on our level and development (adventures, explorers, trading.....), we get grout as reward, or perhaps some other item (I got 3 flag flowerbeds in total). Perhaps the amounts of footballs awarded (or other event currency) should be adjusted for every category (events adventures, event achievements, in-game gifts from BB, event quests, fixture list, collectables, adventures, explorers), for some increased and for some decreased?
    I believe like so, those players who play regularly would be rewarded for playing regularly, which as I said, is the main point of an event in my opinion. And it would still leave enough space for extra rewards for those more-than-average active.

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    Thanks for all your feedback now - the tread is now closed and your comments will be forwarded on!

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