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  • I am pleased with the football drops from adventures and explorers

    57 16.43%
  • I like the Snack Stand and I find it useful

    138 39.77%
  • I think the Stone-Cold Geologist is useful

    286 82.42%
  • I think the achievements were easy to complete

    141 40.63%
  • Overall, I am satisfied with the Summer Event

    178 51.30%
  • I am not pleased with the football drops from adventures and explorers

    225 64.84%
  • I don't like the Snack Stand and I don't find it useful

    89 25.65%
  • I think the Stone-Cold Geologist is not useful

    9 2.59%
  • I think the achievements were difficult to complete

    58 16.71%
  • Overall, I am not satisfied with the Summer Event

    98 28.24%
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Thread: [Feedback] Summer Event 2018

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paul_H View Post
    Just echoing some of the previous comments.

    Snack Stand I do like but think it needs a tweek to make it a bit more usable, maybe a buff for for it or include it in a zone buff.

    The 1000 collecatble ach was only just doable and this was with me playing at times I would not normally ie in work but meant having to time my breaks around the game that also impacted on my work so if you have a normal day job it was too much. If you work from home or can sit on the game all day then it helped.

    I think the event overall was too expensive, unless you could knock out adv after adv after adv there was no way to get enough footballs to get everything. I ended up trading allot of stuff and putting myself backwards in the game to get enough balls for what Id id get and even then it cost me a few sets of gems too. And that was with running premium so without that I prob would have been lucky to get the geo and the exp.

    Never going to please all of the people all of the time and a big thank you for running the event and trying but still lessons to be learnt. Time to step back restock and get ready for haloween
    "Few products escape the CHOAM touch... Logs, donkeys, horses, cows, lumber, dung, sharks, whale fur - the most prosaic and the most exotic... even our poor pundi rice from Caladan. Anything the Guild will transport, the art forms of Ecaz, the machines of Richese and Ix. But all fades before melange." — Duke Leto Atreides, Dune

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    The football event is the least popular cousin coming to visit, but he is rich so he always brings nice gifts. You just have to stay with him for a couple of days to see him leave, then you can enjoy the rewards. That said - there are things that I like. The fact that it was hard to do all the achievements is super, but I've been thinking of a way to achieve better player-to-player interaction. F.ex have football collectibles on selected multi-player maps. You have to select 100 of those by playing with other players.

    I also think that the football rewards for playing multi-player should be higher, but only if it is real cooperation. F.ex each player on a map must have a certain amount of XP to be rewarded. This event was "lonely" as we could not find a multi-player map worthy the time waiting for the ls player. The typical BK-run should be killed forever, but BK was a social factor in previous events. VLT is a map that could be good for coop among higher level players, but there must be rewards for it or it is not worth the coordination and waiting.

    Anyway - I do not want to sound negative. I love all the "cousins" you have, I just love this one the least :-D Keep up the good work and looking forwards to the next event!

    The famous snack-stand, I like it and look forward to get a 3rd so that throughput is acceptable. And the Geologist really is super!

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    All in all A good event. I don't overly play and never get all achievement or buildings but that the game in my book, am not in it to win it. Snacks stand where fun idea and once you got a few on ur isle 'hoping that is the case another 2-3. to a lv5 stand'. But great job keeping events fresh and new. small tweak s on the collectable. I didn't achieve 1000 collectables did manage to get 12k of grass and 7k of grease, maybe have a small reward converting them to buffs/balls 1k grass 5balls or make buffs grease and studs makes a x3 buff, grass and dummies wheat production x3 etc. As a long time player and very rich in res found it challenaging fresh and overall a nice bonus to a epic world cup

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    overall 1 of the best summer events yet in my opinion a little hard for the lower lvls with some of the achevments so im told but a very challenging event .i was very dissapointed at buying the lucky explorer with gems only to find out after you could not get the the 1 for balls in event {waste of my gems] but great i really enjoyed it
    just a suggestion maybe different collectables on different adventures would make certain adventures more playable [ie bananas on a BK /springs on a nords and so on]

    thanks keep it up
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    Ok so my toughts on this last event....

    In general I think events over the year have deteriorated, while they where fun in the early years the last years its getting a bore…
    Last event was no exception to that, where i still got good memories from first summerevent in 2012, i rather forget this last one as fast as possible.

    Eventshop: Only item worth to buy in eventshop was the Lucky, and i am glad we can get an extra for gems , wich i will certainly buy.
    But the rest of the items are worthless or close to worthless (for me at least).
    Its so bad that all tough i have enough balls to buy everything , I did only buy the Lucky so far, the rest (snackstand/ footiepit/geo's) i havent bought them its such a waste of resources... in the end i will spend them on those useless items , cause the conversion for balls is even worse then buying those useless things.
    Only reason i will get them is in the hope they migh come usefull in the future, like the school wich most at first didnt like either, but later on when we could upgrade them became popular. But till that time they will stay unemployed in starmenu.

    Event-quests/questchain : I mainly did them for the xp it gave, as the endreward (snackstand) is completely useless. Quests an sich where not that difficult, it was the translation of the quests that made them hard for most players, as it was too often not clear what the quest wanted from you… What i didnt like was that stupid tourismbuff, at a point i had to pause all schools and university to keep at least a controlled inflow of settlers. If you do that again a next time, make it possible to turn it off if we dont like it, now it feeled more like it was a punishment then a reward!!!

    Archievements: way to easy, i got all goals without any real effort, but then there was no endreward either, wich makes them archievement even more useless i think, the events where archievements had an endreward and more challeging tasks where more fun.

    Eventresources (aka bananapeels/ red paint. wet grass and so on): Completely out of balance again, just as in former events... seems its hard to find a good balance for the dev team, as they never managed to get it right.

    Football adventures: I hate scenarios, let us send our troops, as we could in the very first summer event in 2012, make adv more challeging as levels go up, so a level 26 player can do it with recruits where level 65 players need elite troops. Give them a good amount of xp and they will be fun to do, instead of a drag like those in last event.

    Footballs in loot: Too bad there was not a range of adventures wich gave double balls in loot.

    Explorers: All tough i had more explorers going out on treasure searches then previous events, I got less balls from them.

    I can understand why dev's would want to tweak the amount of balls we get in an event, usual we (highlevel players) get too much of them , but this time they tweaked it a bit to hard, making it much harder not so much for higher players, but more for lower level players, we high level players will Always manage to get what we want, for lower levels its much harder, and the fact high level players have less excess, means we wont give as much to lower level friends/guildies as we used to be able to. Making it harder for them to get what they want from shop ( it helps that eventshop has litle usefull to offer this time)

    In the end the event was as usual only good for the traders, who could sell banana-skins for thousands of goldcoins…..

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    The event was pretty much the same as every event, a constant grind to get footballs, next one will be pumpkins, then presents. There seems to be no imagination added to these events and really is a change of focus from the grind for XP to this time the grind for footballs.

    The event was not difficult, well not for me but I can afford to give the time it needs and at a reasonable level. Lower level players or those that cannot give a lot of time had no real chance to do well. As with most events Explorers are your main source for event items. ADV were OK but the amount of footballs to cost to do event was unrealistically low. Some of the quests were highly frustrating with no logic behind them.

    As for the items

    Football pitch, I reset the buff every 12 hours now and not 24 if I remember

    Snack Stand, really is a waste of space on the island and if the understanding is correct that more will be available then they become sensible. At the moment it will take my 2 stands 3 years to clear the queue. For me they sit there and spit a stadium snack out every few days, I will forget they even exist.

    New GEO, is a plus and maybe there will be more like this one for other resources.

    Lucky, always good to get more explorers.

    Overall what the event is missing is imagination and something more than just another grind to collect an item. The event should take you on a journey, with things that you do to achieve a final goal. Something like the football event has you completing tasks to build a stadium. You need to procure resources, maybe you need to have your production at a level to supply those resources. Special event ADV that need you to complete tasks with resources and maybe troops to help keep the build going, including COOP’s so higher players can help lower players progress etc. Assign a force to defend the stadium from sabotage. You see your progress by how the stadium gets built. But overall it is not based on the logon every day, click a box, do some grind and then repeat the next day.

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    new geos. I tend to still chew up a bit of marble, so larger deposits makes sending them out less frequently appealing to me.
    host of responsibilities chain. Nice bonus xp as well as a snack stand at the end.
    scout. always nice picking up an extra one of these
    Buffs in snack stand: they're a neat idea, and having multiple stands would make this more viable, but they were also too expensive to buy from merchant. I'm not bothered by the lack of items through it, and am aware this could be expanded in the future if the BB's decide it.
    pop boost. Cool idea. Just a shame I have a decent pop growth, and cant kill my troops fast enough to make a decent use of this, even outside of events.

    also couldn't pick up the 1k collies. While I was away for 4ish days, even picking up 2-3 rounds per day outside of those 4 days, I wasn't able to get close
    low football drops. Explorer drops were ok, but the adventure drops were poor. Ended up running wots multiple times per day as that was my most productive method, even though I was level 58.
    Merchant prices. It may be a combination of low drops mixed with the higher prices, but I was only able to afford scout, 2x geos and a pitch through buying some footballs for gems.
    Post event mail footballs. I found these pointless 3 days after the event, as by that stage I had already bought all I was after, and there wasn't much I could do with the bonus 50, other than cheap non event TO stuff and donating some to a guild member.
    post event time limit. Do people really need two weeks to use up what they obtained during the event? Cant collect anything new here, so the additional week for nothing feels pointless.

    Meh either way:
    Collie spawn/drop rate. I was fine with this. I was able to pick up enough to do the 25 buff achievement, as well as enough to do the scenario chain.
    Second footie pitch. Neat that I have one, as it makes doing guild quests faster, but not something I use very often any more
    Calendar drops. Nothing overly exciting in this, but the floating residences are always helpful. Be nice to have a final day/second last day "hooray" drop like at christmas. (Second last day just incase the last day doesn't line up nicely or something, but neither here nor there on which actual day it appears)

    I'd probably give the event a 6.75/10, as I enjoyed it, but was also a little disappointed at the lack of ability in being able to pick up everything I was after, even with some heavy adventuring.

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    event was okay, could have used some tweaking...but next time...

    snackstand hmm its on the bad side of too slow..but funktions are approved still waiting though

    i was hoping for a gen instead of more explorers, so abit dissapointet there..

    and that achivement im not even gonna mention it me and pink got it but for all those who didnt i feel bad.

    but i guess with the amount of xp the kitties got from event they can´t complain

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    overall it wasnt bad but the drop rate for balls was terrible though adding x2 to some adv loot would of helped that seeing this event isnt yearly cant see what the harm was added more to the event shop this year but didnt increase how we could obtain the balls needed ..i managed to get what i wanted but that took hundreds of outlaws and alot of trading for collectables... finding the 1k collectables was easy i did it with around 4-5 days left and i wasnt even close to being over OCD on doing them ... the snack stand will be great when i have about ten of them as the build time is stupid

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    I was looking forward to the event as the game does tend to get a bit monotonous in between the Easter and Halloween events. However, in a way I would almost have preferred no event to the one we got. This is the 4th football event I've taken part in and I do not remember any of the previous ones being as badly thought out as this one. As many others have mentioned, the biggest problem was the drop rate of footballs. I understand events are meant to be a bit of a challenge and are not necessarily designed for players to get absolutely all the big ticket items. But generally, I've found, the amount of event resources you get refleccts the effort you put in: the more casual players may get enough for one item whilst the players who can commit more time and energy can often get most of the items in the acive period. With this event though, you had to put in a lot of time playing just to get enough footballs for one or 2 of the items. And even then I'm not sure if lower level players would have even been able to manage that.

    The collectibles were also not balanced enough- there was a huge discrepancy between the most common and rarest types. I was also doing 2 collectibles a day and on a couple of occassion three times a day yet I only completed the achievement a couple of days befroe the end of phase 1 but ironically now have hundreds of useless collectibles. I think a better idea would be to collect x amount of each collectible from your own island, make the drop rate of each one way more balanced and maybe don't bother giving them as adv rewards (replace them with footballs instead).

    I'd also have liked to keep the lucky explorer limit at 2 rather than 1, especially for the sake of lower level players.

    On the postive side I did like the 'host of reponsibilites' quest - yes parts of it were a challenge but considering the reward I thought it was a fair pay-off - except for the quest which required paying 200 footballs as considering how difficult they were to acquire this year it was a huge sacrifice.

    Overall, I do like having a summer event, football related or not, but do think considering BB have done this 4 times already, they could have put way more thought into this and not made the event a last minute after-thought.

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