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Thread: shotfirer & demolition crew

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    shotfirer & demolition crew

    in the past few years BB told us that they have some plans to proceed shotfirer and demolition crew in the near future, but up to now nothing happen !!!!

    and during that many players suggest to introduce some of them in some events, or to buy with rare resources like beanstalks, but for me it will be unfair for the players who spent around 20k gems to buy them also that it may lead to have more than the limit for them and leaving these buff unused in the star only,

    on the other hand many players can't spent gems to buy them which lead to many space that we can't use,

    so my suggestion is to make them giftable like the jolly geologist, in that case it will be fair for all i guess during that people who can't spent gems can buy it from who can with anything rather than gems ^_^ ^_^ ^_^
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    Come back the days when they didn't exist and people had to sort their island as originally intended with limited space etc.

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