View Poll Results: How important are the event achievements for you (taking aside connected rewards)?

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  • Both general and event related achievements are very important to me

    408 37.81%
  • I like the event achievements. I can see what I've done over the years that way

    472 43.74%
  • I don't really take notice of the achievements, but I like the rewards during event times

    310 28.73%
  • The achievement system helps me reach success in an event; I don't want to miss them

    322 29.84%
  • I have never cared for achievements, never will I care for them

    38 3.52%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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Thread: Achievement Survey

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jane_Starz View Post
    I really disliked that I have to spend gems to complete all the event achievements (Easter event asked for an adventure that could only be obtained by spending gems). This creates the feeling I *have* to spend real-world money to be able to play the game well. The Settlers Online is a place where I can forget about my real life problems, not be confronted by them.
    Sometimes you can find these adventures in trade.

    I enjoy the event achievements and the challenge of managing them all - but they also stress me out because I put pressure on myself to get them all, and in order to do so I often lose sleep time (to get another collectible spawn for example) which I know is stupid and unnecessary, but I still do... I also spend the three weeks of the event worrying about a combination of maintenance, isp, work, family etc meaning I will miss a log in day and therefore miss an achievement (open a calendar, do a guild quest, kill a golum etc).

    The regular achievements, I tried hard to get at the beginning, but now the rest seem out of reach or pointless.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kotugo View Post
    It's kinda hard to care about them when:

    Some are broken and do not trigger as being completed even when all objectives are done.
    Some have virtually impossible requirements (do something which takes several hours thousands of times).
    Harsh punishment for completing some (science ones that require taking broken/worthless skills, the cost to undo taking those skills is very expensive).

    I've done quite a lot of the achievements. You perfectly listed up the reasons why I'm not going to get the rest of them.

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    The achievements kick me in the butt to reach the event goals.

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    Thank you to everyone for voting and leaving feedback - the poll is now closed. However, you can still leave written feedback; this will all be collated and forwarded onto the devs!

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