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Thread: Fairy Tale Adventure Chains

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    Fairy Tale Adventure Chains

    VLT - The Valiant Little Tailor (3 players)
    CLT - The Clever Little Tailor (3 players)
    HLT - The Heroic Little Tailor (3 players)
    SLT - The Sons Of The Little Tailor (3 players)
    BLT - The Betrayed Little Tailor (3 players)
    YW - Ali Baba The Young Wood Cutter (1 player)
    1st thief - Ali Baba And The First Thief (1 player)
    2nd thief - Ali Baba And The Second Thief (2 players)
    3rd thief - Ali Baba And The Third Thief (1 player)
    TOK - Ali Baba And The Treasure Of Knowledge (2 players)
    TOW - Ali Baba And The Treasure Of Wisdom (1 player)
    OL - Aladdin And The Oil Lamp (3 players)
    BC - Sinbad And The Besieged City (2 players)
    SS - Sinbad And The Sea Snake (2 players)
    BP - Aladdin And The Beautiful Princess (1 player)

    (thx to MOD_Aszbhar)
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