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Thread: [Change Log] 22/08/18

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    [Change Log] 22/08/18

    21st of August 2018
    22nd of August 2018

    • Island Expansion: four new islands have been added to the home-island! Find out more details about this expansion in our Dev Diary.

    • The limit for Lucky Explorers in the Black Market has been increased by one (1) since the Summer Event ended.
    • The cursor will be focused on the chat input when the home island updates.
    • Wildlife should now be visible again when visiting a friend's island.
    • The tooltip for the buff quests "A Mysterious Coin" & "A New Gemstone" are now displayed as intended.
    • The "Hearty Soup" buff now recovers the correct amount of units in "The People of the Mountain" adventure.
    • Removed restrictions to player actions from the "New Settlers" quest.
    • Fixed a rounding issue in the damage calculation for the General's "Sniper Training" skill.
    • Fixed an issue in the "A Giant Battle" adventure where destroying a boulder wouldn't correctly unblock the path.
    • The Obsidian Ore payout should now be correctly increased if multiple debuffs are still active in the Moutain Clan Campaign.
    • Deleting one of multiple Provision House buildings no longer cancels the production in any that still remain.
    • The cost for the Watchtower Construction Kit in the Rarity Provision House is now 8,000 Granite during "The People of the Mountain" adventure.
    • Fixed a UI issue that would cause achievement tasks to not be displayed as intended.
    • The PVP button in the Water Castle now works correctly again.
    • The UI will now correctly focus the input on the number of buffs, instead of the stacks in all buff producing buildings.
    • Opening the mail window and battle report is now properly counted for quests.

    You are invited to provide feedback > here. <
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    Change log update

    Dear settlers,

    We'd like to shed some light on the following fix:

    • Deleting one of multiple Provision House buildings no longer cancels the production in any that still remain.

    The "Provision House buildings" mentioned in the change log are the buildings that produce buffs and add them to the Star Menu, such as the Smokehouse, the Stronghold and the Snack Stand. These three buildings are the ones affected by the fix.

    Happy Settling,
    The Community Team

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    Update 23.08.18

    Dear settlers,

    The Island or Sector deeds are not working as intended when applying them on the additional islands. Here's what you can do to prevent this issue:

    • Please do not apply an Island or a Sector Deed as long as any Explorer is on a search for far away sectors.
      This should avoid the deed being ineffective.

    We will update the game as soon as possible to deal with this unwanted behaviour.

    Happy Settling,

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