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Thread: Tutorial for beginners in adventures

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    Tutorial for beginners in adventures

    This is tutorial for all beginners in adventures.

    For beginners is best to play Horseback or Outlaws if you want to practice blocks

    Minimum for playing adventures is 26. level

    If you want to start adventure then do the following: find down in the middle select Star Menu and then find compass behind small house in star menu–> here should be an adventure, you click on it and you start
    You have and tutorial Bounty Hunter for which need only 80 cavalry

    On this link you can see designation for all adventures especially:

    Afterwards, you have list for one player
    Under that is list for two players
    Then list for three players
    Well list for ventures and so to the end

    You have adventure with:

    one: Bounty Hunter, Garrun The Trapper, Horseback, Outlaws etc.
    two: Stealing From The Rich [SFTR], The Dark Priests [DP], More Secluded Experiments [MSE], Motherly Love [ML], Sons Of The Veld[SOTV], Surprise Attack[SA] and The Nords
    three players: Gunpowder, Victor The Vicious [VTV], Roaring Bull [RB], The Black Knights [BK], The Dark Brotherhood [DB], Secluded Experiments [SE]
    Cooperation- this is adventure where every player with army have own island and solve only him. In cooperative adventures belongs:
    -The Buccaneer Roundup with three players [BR]
    -The Siege with two players
    -Lakeside Treasure with two players [LT]
    -Raiding The Raiders with three players [RR]
    -Tomb Raiders with four players [TR]
    -The Whirlwind with four players [WW]

    Scenarios (on this adventures you can't send army).

    You can send the explorer (he is in star menu, where you have in him second square specialist), click on explorer and search of adventure, he can bring the adventure or map fragments.

    Adventures can also buy from the merchant, for gems/map fragments
    You can also buy from other players.

    General you can buy in tavern (Select Building Menu and find tavern).

    Block on an adventure is used to limit losses. It depends on blocking the camp before the camp leaders to the general attacker could get to him, without attacking the camp in front of him.
    Each camp has a field of influence, the general blocking, fighting with this camp off the field, at that time, General attacker must pass through an area where there was a field of influence.

    For good block will you need good timing( 2 second between general which you send for block and general which you send on boss camp), perfect position generals for block and boss camp, appropriate army and for block use only this general

    If you want to check efficiency your generals in attacks, you can to use combat preview which is located in your generals.

    For block need be loss 50% using slow general and for boss should be positive attack.

    Important: Bad timing, wrong units and wrong place generals can lead to crash block!.

    Too, when use block, you need to watch out on red zone around the general when you click on camp, because if your generals which you are used for block touch that zone, then write : ''Your general was intercepted''.

    In order to understand this better, I will you show on example one of those block.
    I'm taken one example for Horseback
    Pay attention on required units, attacks and down where write option with blocking . There you have what you need to use from units and where you need to place generals.

    About how to make it block, you look here

    If you want to place general, you use in option your general which want to move on another place option Transfer.

    If you want to cancel attack in adventure, you click on Retreat.

    If you want to put general in star menu, then option Retrench.

    If you want to back your general on home island, you click on option above Retrench.


    1. Recruit -normal strike
    2. Bowman -normal strike
    3. Militia -normal strike
    4. Cavalry - first strike
    5.Long bowman -normal strike
    6. Soldierr -normal strike
    7. Crossbowman -normal strike
    8. Elite Soldier -normal strike
    9. Cannoneer -last strike

    Bandit units:
    1.Thug - health 60, attack 20-40, normal strike
    2. Stone Thrower - health 10, attack 20-40, normal strike
    3. Scavenger - health 40, attack 15-30, normal strike
    4. Guard Dog - health 5, attack 5-10, first strike
    5. Ranger - health 10, attack 30-60, first strike
    6. Roughneck - health 90, attack 20-40, normal strike
    7. One-Eyed Bert - health 6000, attack 300-500, last strike
    8. Metal Toothed - health 11000, attack 250-500, last strike
    9. Skunk - health 5000, attack 1-100, last strike
    10. Chuck - health 9000, attack 2000-2500, last strike
    11. Wild Mary - health 60000, attack 740-800, first strike

    Viking Units:
    1. Wolf - health 10, attack 2-3, first strike (Attention: in adventure The Nords you have trap 150 wolf on outset)
    2. Thrall - health 60, attack 20-25, last strike
    3. Valkyrie - health 10, attack 20-40, normal strike
    4. Karl - health 80, attack 40-50, last strike
    5. Housecarl - health 140, attack 40-50, last strike
    6. Jomviking - health 140, attack 60-80, last strike
    7. Berserk - health 90, attack 20-40, last strike

    Cultist Units:
    1. Cultist - health 40, attack 15-30, normal strike
    2. Fanatic - health 20, attack 30-60, normal strike
    3. Shadowsneaker - health 5, attack 0-5, normal strike
    4. Dark Priest - health 20, attack 40-80, normal strike
    5. Firedancer - health 30, attack 60-120, normal strike
    6. Dancing Dervish - health 90, attack 60-120, first strike
    7. Swamp Witch - health 13000, attack 400-600, first strike
    8. Dark High Priest - health 15000, attack 800-1000, last strike

    Raiders Units:
    1. Nomad - health 30, attack 10-20, normal strike
    2. Composite Bowman - health 20, attack 20-40, last strike
    3. Lance Raider - health 20, attack 5-20, first strike
    4. Riding Bowman - health 20, attack 20-30, first strike
    5. Riding Amazonian - health 20, attack 40-60, first strike
    6. Cataphract - health 20, attack 90-90, first strike
    7. Uproarious Bull - health 2000, attack 120-120, first strike

    Pirates Units:
    1. Caltrop health 4, attack 0-20, first strike
    2. Deckscrubber - health 15, attack 10-15, normal strike
    3. Knifethrower - health 5, attack 10-20, normal strike
    4. Saber-rattler - health 30, attack 10-20, normal strike
    5. Gunman - health 5, attack 20-30, normal strike
    6. Petty Officer 2nd Class - health 60, attack 40-60, normal strike
    7. Crazy Cook - health 5000, attack 200-300, first strike

    When is in question length travelling generals in adventures, they are next:

    Normal general -30 minutes
    Transport general -2 minutes
    Other generals- 15 minutes

    Maximal capacity for generals are next:

    Normal general 200 units
    Veteran 250 units
    Mayor 270 units
    Transport general 1000 units (he can't attack enemy camps)
    Master Martial Arts 220 units
    Champion Nusala 165 units
    Champion Vargus 180 units
    Champion Anslem 150 units
    General log 220 units
    Other 200 units

    General you recover with Medipack.

    Time recovering generals are next:
    Slow general 4 hours
    Fast general 2 hours

    How to make units?
    Using Barack.

    How to invite friend for adventure?
    If is your friend in guild, you don't need to send request for friend (but you can If want it), but if isn't in your guild, you must first send request for friend, well then you can send invite for adventure your friend.

    How to send general in adventure?
    Select Star menu, then find you compass in him, start adventure which you want to play (example Horseback) and click you send army:
    Also and when you want general on home island.

    This is enough to you understand if you are new players!
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