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Thread: [BRAVE] Brave Heart - Are you BRAVE enough?

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    [BRAVE] Brave Heart - Are you BRAVE enough?

    A few spaces available in BRAVE!!
    Active players wanted, preference over level 30. But we allow lower levels, who have been proven to be excellent players!
    We are a small guild of approximately 20/30 players which works really well as we pride ourselves on completing the guild quest with a 70-100 percent on a daily basis! so lots of guild coins...
    We help each other with lootspots, resources and all other ways thinkable.
    Chat is always buzzing! Just say hi...
    All nationalitys are more than welcome, but only english in chat
    Mail or whisper me in the game so we can have a chat and we may decide that you are brave enough to be in BRAVE HEART!!

    or if a smaller guild wants to join us - let me know

    brave heart knight
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