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Thread: Day of the Programmer

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    Day of the Programmer

    Dear Settlers,

    Today is the day of the programmer! Have you always wondered what coding looks like and how it even works?
    Well, you can try to solve the following Code even without being a programmer!

    • Solve the Code below: post your answer in this thread - it won't be visible to others until we provide the solution.

    // If you can read this code, tell your Community Manager the secret word and win a small prize.
    Var	Prize_Crystals
    Var	reverse = function(s) {
         return s.split (“”)reverse( ).join(“”);
    Var	communitymanager = {
        Str1: “al”,
        Str2: reverse(“hti”)
        Str3: reverse(“tne”)
        Str5: “am”,
        request: function(preference) {
             return preference + “. Secret word: “
    communitymanager.request (Prize_Crystal)
    Please note this is just a small "look" into a very complex theme. It is, in fact, not a "real" working code

    EDIT: Well done to everyone who entered! The correct answer was "ornamentalsmith" - congratulations to those who got it right! The answers will be kept hidden for a little bit longer, as it better allows us to collate the winners and send out the rewards - expect them in your mailbox tomorrow during the course of the day!

    EDIT2: Due to the large number of entries (600+), this has taken more time to collect than planned. New ETA on rewards is Monday, 24th. Thank you for your understanding and patience!

    EDIT3: This is being delayed due to the priority being shifted towards the Anniversary Event. The winners have been recorded, and we will send out the gifts as soon as we see an opportunity.
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