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Thread: The new Weekly Chores .... time to give up ....

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    I dont see any reason to compare TSO with old Settlers - only the settlers walking around and that game is based on getting production chain working is the same.
    And it has been like that since game started.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Norton_C View Post
    It amazes me that you keep making this simplistic complaint after playing the game for so many years knowing all the time it was not like "The Settlers of Old......" but never ?? bother to actually suggest something positive and realistic about how the game should develop in your opinion. And I'd love to hear if you really have anything constructive to say about how the game could be improved.

    And no, I probably will not play "the Settlers of old ........" just to try to figure out what you might be missing here
    Here's the thing .... I *have* suggested how the game can be improved with real gameplay that makes it more like "The Settlers", but then a handful of people complained that they paid real money for this game and it wouldn't be fair to have real gameplay ....
    This game is not like "The Settlers" and should not have "The Settlers" in the name ....
    I carried on for a long time in the hope that real gameplay would be introduced, but no, it ain't happening ....
    It's now little more than a grind .... repeat the same tasks with the same outcomes .... maybe ideal for people with OCD or ADHD or something, people who like repetition, who like to be in control and like to know the outcomes before they start .... but it's not a real game ...

    Quote Originally Posted by sparkz View Post
    What I point out as a problem is : the old settlers games had you to build the village, conquer the territory and win, all within the span of maybe a dozen hours.
    Add to that .... in The Settlers, you made stuff (like bread and weapons) in order to make the troops to conquer a territory .... with TSO, you make the stuff to give it away ....
    in The Settlers, you launched attacks on bandit camps on islands that were covered in clouds .... you didn't know where the next bandit camp was or what troops it would have or what troops you would need to defeat it .... with TSO, when you go to an adventure, everything is known in advance .... and you know the outcome .... just follow the step-by-step instructions ....
    in The Settlers, after a bit of time, bandits could attack you, making the game more difficult and unknown .... in TSO, this never happens .... you always know the outcome ....

    The game designers of TSO have forgotten what "gameplay" is .....
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    My final thoughts on the Weekly Quests is this: They just not fun, they aren't challanging they aren't difficult they are just a chore and 90% is just waiting for the Provision House or Barracks to complete. I'll say it again, they are not fun. And so i have stopped doing them.

    Also the rewards are just terrible imho.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Peajay View Post
    You forgot to mention the collectibles, which are sometimes hidden behind objects - very frustrating to find.
    The making of buffs in the provision house while travelling from the home island to adventure map.
    Clicking complete quest several times to complete 1 task.
    Luck based loot some some players will progress much faster than others, people are still doing the exact same few adventures due to loot, xp, losses being unbalanced.
    my brother played settlers 4 years he has 57 witch towers i got 8 i played atleast 1000 rb and settlers 8 year .he played maybe 300 rb explaine the drop defference

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    he also camped the drops in trade office :P

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