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Thread: [Change Log] 05/12/18

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    [Change Log] 05/12/18

    5th of December 2018

    • The Xmas Event 2018 will be technically implemented into the game and will begin on December 10th at 10:00 CET - take a look at our Xmas Sneak Peek for a preview of what's new this year!
    • Added the new Endless Coal Mine to the Architect category of the in-game shop.
    • Added various Mayor House skins, which can be purchased from the Decoration category of the in-game shop.
    • The "Young Woodcutter" adventure can now be purchased for Map Fragments in the Adventure category of the in-game shop.

    • Quests to deliver settlers have been adjusted to avoid situations which could lead to a negative settler balance.
    • The tooltip text for the "Gift Basket" in the Mayor House has been adjusted to ensure its visibility.
    • The English translation of the "Quarantine" Quest has been corrected.

    You are invited to provide feedback > here.
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    Update 12/12/2018

    Dear settlers,

    The following issues will be resolved in the hotfix scheduled for Wednesday, 12th of December:

    • The Christmas Hut, Pile of Gifts, Winter Bench, Candy Cane Lantern, Nutcracker Memorial and Christmas Pyramid are now tradable as intended.
    • All buildings will now correctly have their names displayed in the trade window.
    • Fixed an issue that prevented subquests for the event quest "Building up Christmas" to spawn correctly.
    • Adjusted the description of the non-permanent Christmas Building Skins to reflect the correct duration of 15 days.

    Happy Settling,

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