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Thread: [Feedback] Dev Diary: Xmas Event 2018

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    Quote Originally Posted by lordloocan View Post
    The worrying thing is that no-one from BB has responded to say that this is not the case and that the game will still be going.
    Quote Originally Posted by BB_Alex
    We do not have any plans to make a TSO 2 or port TSO to HTML5 or mobile. Both are not feasible.

    But we will keep on developing the game.

    We are aware of the Adobe announcement and take this topic seriously. This specific announcement is related to the flash browser plugin. Right now we are looking into some options, such as Adobe AIR, for a possible alternative/workaround, if the flash plugin is getting removed/blocked from major browsers.

    Have fun

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    You miss the point. Increasingly on g1 and the forums players are commenting that the game will end Sep 2019 when the new Settlers 209 game is launched and/or when flash dies.

    From the BB quote you linked they say themselves that: We do not have any plans to make a TSO 2 or port TSO to HTML5 or mobile. Both are not feasible. So what exactly are the plans?

    Incidentally, I play a variety of flash games and they are all doing the same, suddenly having new events, quests etc, hmmm wonder why??

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    This was a reply to someone at the German forums in December (roughly google translated):

    Quote Originally Posted by BB_Pandur
    We will not release any HTML5 version of TSO. However, what will work when the browsers are no longer supporting Flash is our downloadable client, the so-called "Slim Browser". Also it will not create any security risks to the users system because it can not be used for any other services than our game.

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    Sigh, except the so-called "Slim Browser" has problems of its own, and based on software that phones home (to Google) more times than E.T.

    Anyway, back to OT.
    Was looking forward to the Christmas Event but it seemed to be a week shorter than usual. Wasn't expecting to buy everything but even finishing all the questlines, achievements (for once!), and working the explorers as hard as was possible, still fell well short of a decent xmas shop in the end.
    The "Gift Tree" was a mistake, most of the time you don't know if you've got anything or not, even when you do it's heavily biased towards the junk end, and my tree on Northisle stopped working on New Year's Eve.
    Not too sure about the markets either, sound like a good idea on paper but practicalities get in the way. The advantages are offset by having production further from stores and unless we get a free move event, are going to cost the Earth to accomodate.
    The final adventure in the quest line was overpowering too, especially for those still not up to elite barracks levels.
    Would rather have had Croaker's Island as the finale, like the old days.
    We love our new CM.

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    It was good while it lasted.

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    This Christmas event was a huge disappointment, the last in the line of events lately. Indeed, nice additions to the Christmas shop, but all those additions of course cost presents. Of all the presents I got during the event, a bit over 60% came from the explorers, while around 25% came from the trading. So only around 15% (or around 2150 presents) came from "regular" sources! That means that people who don't have 21 explorers like I do couldn't not be as "fortunate" as I was, and that those from whom I bought presents gave up on gathering them, so again not as "fortunate" as I was!
    When I said "fortunate", I put it under quote marks on purpose. Compared to previous Christmas events, I got much less, even though I was in the game regularly! One example would be 108 batches of grout during 2017 Xmas, on top of everything of some value from the Xmas market. This year, I didn't get everything of some value from the Xmas market, and 0 batches of grout. Quite a difference!

    It has been similar with all the events lately, in the last year or so. So, in my view, the events are changing from a reward for regular players, into a tool for the BlueByte to squeeze more money from the players, making people to buy gems if they want to make up for the presents (or any event currency) they still miss.

    Too much effort for too small reward. People here gave mixed ratings. I wonder how many, who do play but don't visit forums too frequently or at all, would give any thumbs up? Why not introduce a voting system through ingame email, or similar to Guild Market vote? That way there would be a clearer picture what a majority of players think about this, or any other event. There's an idea and a suggestion for you, BlueByte.

    So once again, too much effort for too small reward. A huge disappointment, and the lowest rating for an event so far from me!

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