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Thread: New General for Valentine's Event

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    New General for Valentine's Event

    New General: Cupid
    Travels three times as fast as a general to an adventure.
    Recovers twice as fast as a general.
    Special Ability: !0% chance to charm a troop and cause it to desert the battle (leave the battle completely giving full xp to player).
    Example: If a group has 10 troops and 10% are charmed, than 1 leaves the battle leaving 9 behind.
    Works even on bosses. With bosses the ability causes the boss to lose 10% of its Hit Points.
    Example: If a boss starts with 10,000 HP and is charmed, then it will lose 1000 HP and start the battle with 9000 HP instead.

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    You can already reduce the HP of a boss by upto 25% using the Overrun skill
    Travel time can be reduced by upto 45% with Navigation Crash Course
    Enemy troops can be "forced" to leave a battle granting full experience with the use of Rain of Arrows

    Everything you ask for is already available in one form or another

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    hi, why is this not in the valentines event 2019,,, nothing showing for this gen, please, can the left hand side and the right hand side of your delvelpers team , talk to the body and work as one, as now , everything is diss jointed,,,, GGG RRRR , customer information that is correct, with no bugs, leads to more satisfaction and for, your benifit , more purchase , more profit, at the mo, it stinks,

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    Quote Originally Posted by royavatar View Post
    hi, why is this not in the valentines event 2019,,,
    Because it is a suggestion from a player, not any sort of official announcement of content.

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