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Thread: [Change Log] 12/02/19

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    [Change Log] 12/02/19

    12th of February 2019

    • The Valentines Event 2019 will be technically implemented into the game and will begin on February 14th at 10:00 CET *To be determined!
    • Added the new Endless Gold Mine to the Architect category of the in-game shop.
    • The "Fruits of Hardship" buff can now be bought in the Epic category of the in-game shop.
    • Scenarios can now be bought with Map Fragments in the Adventure category of the in-game shop.
    • A skin for the Christmas Market is now available in the in-game shop, which allows it to blend in with the rest of your island outside the festive period.

    • Fixed the layout in the economy overview so that large numbers in the detail view no longer overlap with the close button.
    • The Smelter Calendar now works on the Epic Forge.
    • Fixed an issue with the UI of the Smelter Calendar in the trade window.
    • Improved the grammar when collecting mail via the "delete all" feature.
    • The details window now displays the correct runtime in Expeditions.
    • Fixed an issue that displayed an incorrect tooltip on the scenario panels, making it appear as if players could not send Generals.
    • When applying a buff to the Provision House, running productions should no longer display the buffs runetime instead of the production time.
    • Adjusted the UI of some buildings so that they cannot extend past the browser window.
    • The archive entry for public buildings now displays the correct graphics and text as intended.
    • Removed the moving cost for Pirate Residences on level 2.
    • Implemented the warning text into the pop-up when tearing down the Christmas Market.
    • The Oriental Palace in the adventure "Besieged City" can now be attacked with battle buffs as intended.
    • Fixed an issue that caused some buffs to not be displayed on the Mayors House and Elite Barracks.
    • Removed the duration from the Scouting Posts buffs description tooltip on adventures.

    You are invited to provide feedback > here.
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    Update 08/02/2019

    Dear settlers,

    The following issues will also be resolved in this upcoming game version:

    • Fixed an issue that caused the Training Expedition not to be playable when cancelled and restarted.
    • Adjusted multiple quests, so that they count Endless Mines as well, instead of only regular mines.*

    *This fix means that any quest that counted only regular mines will also count their Endless counterpart.

    Happy Settling,

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