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Thread: [Feedback] Dev Diary Valentine 2019 Event

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    I dont like building who have Cooldown...
    I destroy Observatory (remove from island) only becose have cooldown, without that building will be great only i will love if baff last 3h.

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    To be honest, since it was announced I was suspicious that this event will "pass" without bugs. This is major minus.
    Minor minus is Observatory, broken and looks useless, from my point of view.
    Major plus is community involvement and card bonus, Trade office tab was alive, players were communicating again.
    Overall is a plus and hope it will be better experience next year

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    Events are great gives you a chance to do something different and this would of been a nice distraction ...i can not for the life of me understand a company such as yours that has a test server can get so much wrong on the live game i mean is the coding that different??

    the geo and explorer are great but your making geos redundant with all the additions of unlimited mines

    the buildings not sure on yet bought them all but only because i had nothing else to use the flowers for ....the love garden dont need because my population growth its faster to just make bread....but grabbed for the quest line but the buff rewards are rubbish..

    weather station and observatory might be useful once fixed

    best addition for me anyway is the love crazed buff loving that buff alot

    the card buffs would of been great if they worked like they should of done ...

    overall i enjoyed the event minus the bugs

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    ok end of event opinion

    good idea badly implemented
    they need low level single player adventures in next one if they do this event again for low levels such as horseback etc as low levels dont always have fast gens which most tend to prefer on ls just the slow tavern ones
    also not all low levels have troops to do lots of adventures this needs taken in to consideration as co ops for lower levels can demand a lot of troops and it takes 30 mins to get 200 to a adventure in one tavern general then 30 mins to get general home to collect more and repeat which many higher levels wont allow as they would want to fly through the adventures to get as many refills as possible

    please change flower refills to just flowers in the loot and add low level single player adventures in the list next time if you do this event again next year

    good point the extra geo and explorer etc you sent out as compo due to everything that was broken in this event just a shame it didnt happen before we got them already and could have got a building instead.

    one last thing the love letter buffs off the cards some of the text off them was a bit creepy as we had random players putting them on sometimes and thats just a no go
    such as

    I love you more than I could ever say.
    Let's spend our days together.
    i did find this on funny the one above just a bit OTT

    I love you almost as much as I love my couch.

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    - love crazed buff
    - loot buffs (when working)
    - resource drops from coops forcing more player interaction (which admittedly some hate) & chances to run coops I'd never done before
    - card buffs. Seemed over-complicated at start, but worked quite well in the end
    - Explorer + Geo
    - Compensation(!)

    - Bugs, lag, launch difficulties etc
    - Over-emphasis on pop buffs. Breads cheap & I got plenty of village schools, a uni & a star menu full of settlers & love potions, so no value to my play-style.
    - Graphics for Explorer & Geo
    - Too tough for lower levels (as discussed elsewhere..)

    - Most of the event buyables are under-whelming. Pop buffs of Love garden not really needed & it's placement specific. Obs is too short lived & has massive cool-down (and is hilariously bugged). Much of the rest is decoration... Didn't feel any incentive to grind out flowers (or spend gems to get flowers!)..

    Overall : Good effort, but needs attention... B-

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    1. Far too many bugs that were known on the Test server allowed to go live.
    2. Underwhelming rewards.

    Basically, meh

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    nice that you made an effort to fill the void between Christmas and Easter events...I'll stop at that
    Are we to be told of adventure changes or not? 1 Month on and still SNEAKY RB changes have not been mentioned

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    As per a previous comment, I wasn’t a big fan of the messages that went out after the card buff. This was a bit creepy and a bit inappropriate if giving cards to what could be young players. It was a bit cringing, but did cause some hilarity amongst the guild with chat messages. In general, yet more new buffs and complicated quests, making it more difficult to see what’s going on and cluttering up the menu. Like the weather building and observatory, not sure sure about the love garden though. Sounds a bit sexual to me. Maybe it’s meaning in German isn’t so bad..

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    Didnt have to click on a single collectable. Best event ever!
    Worst. Comedian. EVER.

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    I left the following feedback on the Facebook message as two posts, but seems it would go better in this thread so I am cutting and pasting it into one message here.

    While I want you to take my comments to heart, don’t be disheartened by them. My wife and I have been playing the settlers franchise since settlers 1, and we want it to keep going strong; including the online version.


    Wasn’t your best work guys and gals.

    I’d be more worried about getting your game away from flash than making new events as every body I’ve talked to believes that your “we have got it covered” but giving no details to the problem really means you don’t have it covered. You hope diehard players will be willing to install your browser version and keep playing that. But a lot won’t as it doesn’t work well, and a lot of players don’t have the ability to install third party software on their machines.

    So feedback on the off chance that the game makes it to next Valentine’s day...

    lets see big buildings with very limited benefits and long cool downs. They need to go.

    The Love garden rewards are very bad, as these aren’t hard to get buffs; but to get them you have to arrange a lot of your building space around them rather than having a island looking like you want it to.

    The observatory, really two hours and a huge cool down, so only one adventure a night.

    weather station, also large and slow.

    Maybe make the latter two make recipes like the snack store does, so you can que a bunch up and use or trade them when you want, rather than only being able to use one when you want and then wait two days.

    Another geo and explorer; nice enough, though would have liked a general with an interesting effect on co-ops since this was what the event was based on.

    As for improving it for next year, no new building please, just add features to the current ones, more recipes and more buffs;

    but seriously change the buildings from activating buffs to making buffs that go to star.

    Most important thing you can do is move away from flash, and tell people what you are doing, as people have lost faith in you, and saying “don’t worry we have it covered” with no details isn’t being believed by anybody and that is losing players.

    A suggestion for a valentine general...

    a general which can move to any landing area in a co-op game as long as their is already troops there. This would mean you can’t do a co-op by your self as if the other player(s) haven’t landed you can’t go there, but it would fix the issue which makes me avoid co-op missions, being if a player goes away and does t come back the rest of you have to either waste time hoping they will come back, or abort the mission. That would have been much better than a geo and a explorer, and more on theme; a general who helps the other players


    Ok, hope that wasn’t two harsh, love you guys.

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