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"You are kidding me right? I have all of the time in the world to do this, so you should too!"

Yeah. I have a job and a small child. I started this game because it was something that I could set aside at a moments notice and not worry about it until the next day. I am sure that the server is FULL of people who have loads of time to do these things. I do not. So sure, we can go ahead and team up on the Siege... but you have to be totally cool with me disappearing into a project half way through and not being back for a few days, at which time the adventure will have lapsed.

These things just need a 1 week time out like the weekly quests do.
well no - the other way around it is to do your part of the Siege and then get the other person on to do their bit - no hold ups at all. But it sounds more like you are here to have a moan than get the quest done. Good luck with it...

Happy Settling!