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Thread: [Investigation] Long loading times

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    loads about the same for me never had the issue others did but now game keeps freezing a lot more then it used to and transfering between home island and adventure map is taking ages a lot longer then it was a few days ago

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    Like hades, game loads just fine now (thanks!) but gets buggier sooner than it normally did after launching the game - after about an hour, have to reboot the game.
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    So the memory usage is down from 1GB to 700MB at start but the game still gets unresponsive after doubling the memory in 2-3 hours, so at 1.4GB.
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    seems like the long loading time is back.

    update 1:

    this link
    took nearly 32 sec to load

    currently loading stuck at

    update 2:

    clear cache and restart browser seems to help, at least could load the game again reasonably.
    hope this is just a cache issue.

    update 3:

    game loaded, but island not fully loaded
    many building missing
    no visual guide to build new mine or buff building
    also no building queue, when try to place copper mine "blindly (estimate position, due to no visual guide)"

    Google Chrome
    Version 77.0.3865.90 (Official Build) (64-bit)

    update 4 :13 oct 2019
    wonder if this thread ever re-use for repeated long loading time... already waited more than 15 min and still no game, will try tomorrow
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